Agencies And Organs Of Consumer Protection (Business Studies)

Organs of consumer protection can be categorized into three distinct grouping as follows: A. Government Organizations B. Legislations On Consumer Issues C. Independent Organizations. A. Government Organizations: A number of government organizations have been setup to proctect the interest of the consumer in order to improve the standard of living and the healthy of the … Read more

Pipeline Transportation In Business Studies: Meaning, Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pipeline Transportation (Business Studies)

Table Of Contents Introduction To Pipelines Transportation Advantages Of Pipeline Transportation Disadvantages Of Pipeline Transportation Pipelines Transport This is a means of transporting liquids such as water, crude petroleum products etc. Electricity is also transported through cables. Advantages Of Pipeline Transportation 1. Once built, it does not require frequent maintenance and overhead. 2. Pipelines are … Read more

Air Transport In Business Studies: Meaning, Advantages And Disadvantages Of Air Transport (Business Studies)

Table Of Contents Transportation By Air Advantages Of Air Transport Disadvantages Of Air Transport Transportation By Air: Aeroplans are used to convey passenger, light or perishable goods & values by air. There are passenger air carriers & cargo air carrier. There are also local & international flight. Some of the towns in Nigeria where airports … Read more

Rail Transport In Business Studies: Introduction, Advantages And Disadvantages Of Rail Transport (Business Studies)

Rail Transport

Table Of Contents Rail Transportation Advantages Of Rail Transport Disadvantages Of Rail Transport Rail Transport: Another means of transportation by land is the railway. The rail tracks connect several northern, eastern & western states. Trains move on special rail lines called “rail way”. There are passenger & goods trains. Advantages Of Rail Transport 1. It … Read more

Road Transport In Business Studies: Meaning, Advantages And Disadvantages Of Road Transport (Business Studies)

Table Of Contents Meaning Of Road Transportation Advantages Of Road Transport Disadvantages Of Road Transport What Is Road Transport? This is a method of transport by land. There are several means of road transport. They are all referred to as motor vehicles and they include Cars, Lorries, Trucks, Heavy duty vehicles (trailers), buses, motorcycles, bicycles … Read more

Meaning And Various Forms Of Advertising Media (Business Studies)

Advertising media are the various medium or means through which goods are advertised. These medias includes: 1. Radio 2. Television 3. Bill Boards 4. Magazine Or Journals 5. Newspaper 6. Leaflets And Posters 7. Sales Van 8. Car Stickers 9. Handbills 10. Internets 11. Exhibitions/Trade Fair 12. Free Samples. 1. Radio: The radio is a … Read more

Office Equipment: Meaning, Types, Importance, Uses And Care Of Office Equipments And Machines (Business Studies)

Office Equipment

Table Of Contents Meaning Of Office Equipment Types Of Office Equipment Types Of Office Machine Importance Of Office Equipment Uses Of Office Equipment And Office Machine Care Of Office Equipment What Is Office Equipment? Office equipment is the tools, machines, and furniture needed to perform an office’s jobs. Types Of Office Equipment Guillotine Perforator Stapler … Read more

Ethics In Sourcing Chemicals (Business Studies)

Table Of Contents 1. Meaning Of Ethics 2. Ethics Of Sourcing Chemicals Meaning Of Ethics Ethics can be defined as a system of principles and moral rules which guild the conduct or principle of a person. It refers to moral principles which control or influence the behavior of a person or the conduct of the … Read more