Pipeline Transportation In Business Studies: Meaning, Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pipeline Transportation (Business Studies)

Table Of Contents

  • Introduction To Pipelines Transportation
  • Advantages Of Pipeline Transportation
  • Disadvantages Of Pipeline Transportation

Pipelines Transport This is a means of transporting liquids such as water, crude petroleum products etc. Electricity is also transported through cables.
Advantages Of Pipeline Transportation
1. Once built, it does not require frequent maintenance and overhead.
2. Pipelines are safer means of carrying toxic materials directly to factory where they are needed.
3. Pipeline transportation is cost effectove.
4. Unlike vehicle, pipeline transportation does not need & elaborate preparation for loading and offloading.
Disadvantages Of Pipeline Transportation
1. Some pipes are built on ground surface, so it is open to vandalisation.
2. Cost of patrolling the pipelines against vandalization is very high.
3. Thieves usually break into pipelines to steal the products.
4. Damage pipeline is not easily detected.
5. Pipelines which carry toxic materials can be dangerous to the environment if damaged or broken into.

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