Meaning Of Brain Drain In Economics (Causes And Arresting Brain Drain)

Meaning Of Brain Drain

Economics Topic: Brain Drain Table Of Content Definition Of Brain Drain Causes Of Brain Drain Effects Of Brain Drain On Nigeria Economy (Positive And Negative Effect) Controlling/Arresting Brain Drain Meaning Of Brain Drain What Is Brain Drain? This is also known as Human Capital Flight, It is the mass emigration of the highly technically skilled … Read more

Production In Commerce: Meaning Of Production, Stages/Types And Importance Of Production

Commerce Topic: Production Table Of Contents Meaning Of Production Groups Of People Involves In Production Stages/Types Of Production Importance Of Production In Commerce Meaning Of Production This is the transformation of raw material into finished goods and their distribution to the customers to satisfy their wants. This is also the creation of goods and services … Read more

Factors That Determines The Type Of Occupation (Commerce)

There are many factors that determine the type of occupation, these include: 1. Climatic & Weather Difference The climate and weather differences in various places determine that nature of occupation available in a particular area E.g: Fisherman will be too much in riverline area. 2. Natural Resources Availability of natural resources affect the choice of … Read more

Service Occupation In Commerce: Meaning And Types Of Service Occupation With Examples

Service Occupation

Table Of Contents Service Occupation In Commerce: Meaning Of Service Occupation Types Of Service Occupation With Examples Services (Service Occupation) Service occupation are sometimes classified a tertiary occupation. They are occupation that render services to the people, The people pay for the services directly or indirectly. Types Of Service Occupation 1. Direct Services These include … Read more

Industrial Occupation In Commerce: Meaning And Types Of Industrial Occupation With Examples

Table Of Contents Meaning Of Industrial Occupation (Industry) Types Of Industrial Occupation Industry (Industrial Occupation) This involves all the activities concerned with the physical production of goods. They engage in extracting raw materials from sea, soil and changing them into finished components, Also the gather of all these components into use-able forms. Types Of Industrial … Read more

E-commerce (Electronic Commerce): Meaning, Division/Types And Functions Of E-commerce


Table Of Contents Meaning Of E-commerce Types Of E-commerce Functions Of E-commerce Electronic Commerce: This is the buying and selling of goods and services on the internet especially the World Wide Web (WWW). E-business (Electronic Business) are often used interchangeable in online retail selling. It can equally be regards as e-tailing. E-commerce can be divide … Read more

Commerce: Meaning Of Commerce, Functions And Characteristics Of Commerce

Table Of Contents Introduction To Commerce Meaning Of Commerce Functions Of Commerce Characteristics Of Commerce What Is Commerce Commerce is defined as all the activities involved in the distribution and exchange of goods and services. It is also a branch of production which concerned with the distribution, exchange of goods and services and all activities … Read more

Water Transportation In Business Studies: Meaning, Advantages And Disadvantages Of Water Transportation (Business Studies)

Table Of Contents Water Transport Advantages Of Water Transport Disadvantages Of Water Transport Water Transport: Transport by water involves the use of canals, rivers, seas and oceans. Water transport can be done with oceans, canoes, boats and ferries. Advantages Of Water Transport 1. Sea transportation is a cheap and safe means of carrying goods from … Read more

Agencies And Organs Of Consumer Protection (Business Studies)

Organs of consumer protection can be categorized into three distinct grouping as follows: A. Government Organizations B. Legislations On Consumer Issues C. Independent Organizations. A. Government Organizations: A number of government organizations have been setup to proctect the interest of the consumer in order to improve the standard of living and the healthy of the … Read more

Air Transport In Business Studies: Meaning, Advantages And Disadvantages Of Air Transport (Business Studies)

Table Of Contents Transportation By Air Advantages Of Air Transport Disadvantages Of Air Transport Transportation By Air: Aeroplans are used to convey passenger, light or perishable goods & values by air. There are passenger air carriers & cargo air carrier. There are also local & international flight. Some of the towns in Nigeria where airports … Read more