Agencies And Organs Of Consumer Protection (Business Studies)

Organs of consumer protection can be categorized into three distinct grouping as follows:
A. Government Organizations
B. Legislations On Consumer Issues
C. Independent Organizations.
A. Government Organizations: A number of government organizations have been setup to proctect the interest of the consumer in order to improve the standard of living and the healthy of the citizens of the country. These organizations are:
1. National Agency For Food, Drug Administration And Control (NAFDAC).
2. Consumer Protection Council.
3. Standard Organization Of Nigeria (SON).
4. National Electricity Regulatory Counsil.
5. Ministry Of Health.
6. Ministry Of Commerce.
7. Ministry Of Industry.
8. Ministry Of Environment.
9. Ministry Of Aviation which includes: Federal Aviation Authority Of Nigeria (FAAN), Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) And Nigeria Air Service Management Agency (NAMA).
10. National Wages And Salaries Commision.
11. National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).
12. National Agency For Prohibition Of Traffic In Persons and other related matters (NAPTIP).
B. Legislations On Consumer Issues: Many laws have been passed which aimed at protecting consumers, whic includes:
1. Rent Edict
2. Sale Of Goods Act 1893
3. Food And Drug 1955
4. Weight And Measures Act 1963
5. Misrepresentation Act 1968
6. Hire Purchase Act 1975
7. Consumer Credit Act 1974.
C. Independent Organization: Which includes:
1. The Mass Media
2. Trade Associations
3. Consumer Associations
4. Research Institutions.

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