Meaning And Various Forms Of Advertising Media (Business Studies)

Advertising media are the various medium or means through which goods are advertised. These medias includes:
1. Radio
2. Television
3. Bill Boards
4. Magazine Or Journals
5. Newspaper
6. Leaflets And Posters
7. Sales Van
8. Car Stickers
9. Handbills
10. Internets
11. Exhibitions/Trade Fair
12. Free Samples.
1. Radio: The radio is a medium of advertising which has the widest reach of all the media in Nigeria. Radio helps the manufacturers to reach people in both the urban and rural areas, Thereby creating a wide market for product distribution.
2. Television: Television is a medium of advertising which is audio-visual (oral and visual) attracting th largest audience. Television is ideal in advertising products where action is involved or a demonstration is to be made. Advertising slots can be placed at intervals or programmes that attracts large audience e.g Super story, Network news On NTA and other TV stations.
3. Bill Boards: This is the use of large poster painted bulletins that use bright and flashy light and colours. They are usually found along major roads, market place, round about and motor parks. Bill boards could carry such message as a speed kills, don’t drink when you drive or drive with care, life has no duplicate, paracetamol treats headache etc.
4. Magazine/Journals: Magazines and journals are periodicals which appeal to groups of people or class. In Nigeria, examples are Ovation, Christain women mirrow, etc. Magazine advertising is meant for selected audience.
5. Newspaper: Newspaper is the most popular and cheapest means of advertising. In Nigeria, Sun, tribune, the punch etc, are some of the newspaper with national coverage. Newspaper is found in towns, cities and remotes villages.
6. Leaflets, Hand Bills, Letters And Posters: Hand bills are printed letters containing information about a product. Leaflets are usually distributed from house to house or left at supermarkets, Banks for people to collect. Posters are usually circulated or posted at major centres in towns.
7. Sales Van: Many companies use sales vans as a means of advertisement.
8. Car Stickers: Stickers can be placed on commercial and private vehicle as a means of advertisement.
Advertising Jingle: A jingle is an information packaged to enlighten given audience within a limited time. Advertisment in the electronic media is expensive, in order to minimize the cost of advertising, Jingles are developed. For example: Here is a jingle: In a beautiful music sang in Nigeria, in the background, the working is carefully verbalized with a message “Nigeria Good People Good Nation”.

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