Office Equipment: Meaning, Types, Importance, Uses And Care Of Office Equipments And Machines (Business Studies)

Table Of Contents

  • Meaning Of Office Equipment
  • Types Of Office Equipment
  • Types Of Office Machine
  • Importance Of Office Equipment
  • Uses Of Office Equipment And Office Machine
  • Care Of Office Equipment

What Is Office Equipment?

Office equipment is the tools, machines, and furniture needed to perform an office’s jobs.

Types Of Office Equipment

  1. Guillotine
  2. Perforator
  3. Stapler (Staples)
  4. Office pins
  5. Office clips
  6. In/Out trays
  7. Sellotape
  8. Gum
  9. Sharpener
  10. Baller
  11. Pencil
  12. Stamp rack
  13. Call bell
  14. Inter-com
  15. Telephone
  16. Radio transmitter
  17. Mobile phone
  18. Stamp pad/Ink pad
  19. Drawing pin
  20. Eraser

Types Of Office Machine

  1. Typewriter
  2. Duplicating machine
  3. Photocopying machine
  4. Collating machine
  5. Calculating machine
  6. Binding machine
  7. Computer machine
  8. Scanning machine
  9. Flanking machine
  10. Laminating machine

Importance Of Office Equipment

  1. They help to improve the quantity of work.
  2. They improve the speed or performance of work.
  3. They are more accurate.
  4. They save time and labor.
  5. They improve the uniformity and appearance of printed materials.


Uses Of Office Equipment And Machines

Office Equipment

1. Typewriter: It is a device in the office used to produce several copies of a document.

Office Equipment

2. Photocopying Machine: It is a machine used to produce the exact replica of the original document.

3. Filing Cabinet: Filing cabinet is used in the office to store business documents & files.


4. Duplicating Machine: It is a machine used to produce several copies of a document.

Office Equipment

5. Calculating Machine: It is used for adding, supplying, multiplying and dividing groups of figures.

6. Listing Adding Machine: Listing adding machines add, subtract and produce printed results.

7. Stapling Machine: A stapler is used for inserting staples to set of papers together.

8. Perforator: A perforator is used to make holes neatly in papers before they are put into a file.

Office Equipment

9. Computers: The computer is an electronic devices which accepts, processes, stores and retrieves stored written information and even images when needed.

Care Of Office Equipment

  1. All office machines must be handled with care.
  2. Office machines must be stored carefully and away when not in use.
  3. Office machines such as computers and typewriters must be covered when not used.
  4. They should be cleaned each day with a clean and dry duster.
  5. Maintenance work should be done on office machines from time to time.


20 office equipment and their uses

  1. The computer is typically the device you’ll require in your workplace to type important information. If you work on a desktop, you need a monitor to show all of your data; however, in the case of a laptop you have in your workplace, it’s portable enough to move around. New technology makes it easy to connect WIFI to the Internet without cables.
  2. High-Speed Internet Access: Days had passed when a dial-up connection was employed in offices. The situation has transformed into a broadband connection that allows you to be productive.
  3. An A-paper clip: A newspaper clip is a tiny piece of wire used to hold the paper. If you need to hold huge quantities of paper together, it is best to use an oversized bulldog clip that’s larger and better. Paper clips temporarily hold papers in place while a stapler keeps them for the long haul. But, the only thing you can do with a stapler is if you wish to remove the paper, you must search for a stapler remover. Clip holders for paper make it easier to select each paperclip with magnets after dropping each one.
  4. A pair of Scissors: You need scissors at work to cut papers or other items and open packages. Get a pair of the highest quality and put them on your desk. Then, you can use it to easily and securely cut paper or any soft object.
  5. Business cards: You need business cards with your name, contact details, and name to hand out to those around you. You can also distribute them in meetings or at any other gathering.
  6. Photo Frames: If you have photos of your loved ones at the office, you can look them up whenever you feel lonely. They bring back unforgettable moments you spent with them. It helps make your working hours easier to endure.
  7. A Fax MachineThe purpose of a fax device is to grab a piece of paper, print it, and then transmit it over the phone line to a different fax machine located in another office. The image is received and copied onto a different piece of paper that another end reads.
  8. Printing: A printing device is utilized in the office to allow computer data to be printed on paper.
  9. A photocopier is a device that copies the information on paper, be it an image or text. A photocopier can make multiple duplicates of the exact document.
  10. A calculator Calculator is an incredibly small piece of electronic equipment you can utilize in the office to tackle mathematical issues.
  11. An HTML0 Desk Lamp: This is an exclusive lamp that sits at the top of your desk and directs light downwards onto the task you’re working on.
  12. The calendar Calendar is utilized in offices to keep track of the date and day of the week. Many people utilize desk calendars to check their calendars to ensure they don’t forget important meetings and events they must attend.
  13. The Clipboard: A Clipboard is a small piece made of plastic or wood with an opening at the top, so you can clip your paper and then write on it while standing.
  14. A Book for AppointmentsAn appointment book is a tiny book that lets you manage your tasks. The inside of the book is typically a calendar that contains your schedule and other information you’ll need, including phone numbers of people.
  15. An Office ChairYou wants a chair that is comfortable for your office. You can try sitting on the chair before purchasing to make an informed decision.
  16. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS): The UPS protects your desktop computer if the power goes out and gives you valuable time to protect your work and safely shut down your computer.
  17. SoftwareWord processing, email, and spreadsheet management are among the programs you’ll need to have in your office. It is essential to list all the software you’ll need for your workplace so you don’t end up putting unnecessary items on your workstation.
  18. Carbon PaperCarbon paper can be described as a blue-colored paper used to make copies of your writing content. It is placed between two pieces of regular paper. Then, as you type on the top piece of paper, a duplicate of what you wrote will be created on the bottom of the paper.
  19. The Hole BunchIf you have to create holes on the left-hand side of a document to allow the paper to be arranged inside binders, you’ll need holes to punch to do this.
  20. Cable TVIf You want to keep up-to-date with the latest happenings in your area, it is essential to have cable television. Alongside the news you can get via cable television, there are other ways to entertain yourself while working.


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