What Is The Meaning Of Group Behaviour And Types Of Group Behaviour?

Social Studies Table Of Contents Meaning Of Group Behaviour Types Of Group Behaviour Meaning Of Group Behaviour By group behaviour we mean the action of persons in a group towards something or an incident. Such occurrence or incident must be of interest and concern to the members of the group. In other words, there can … Read more

What Is Social Groups And Types Of Social Groups?

What Is Social Groups

Social Studies Meaning Of Social Groups Types Of Social Groups Meaning Of Social Groups Social groups or social organisations are groups or association of persons who share common interests and aspirations, objectives and goals. Members relate and interact with one another towards the attainment or the realization of group goals and interests. The shared interests … Read more

What Is Communication? Importance And Means Of Communication

Table Of Contents Meaning Of Communication Importance Of Communication Types And Means Of Communication What Is Communication Communication is very important aspect of commerce. Without communication, people of the world would look like blind people and commercial activities would be stagnated or very difficult. Communication is therefore a means of passing informations, news, feelings and … Read more

What Is Advertising? Types And Functions Of Advertising (Advertising Media And Ethics)

What Is Advertising? Advertising means the information about existing goods and services or about a particular issue being made to the public. Information that maybe obtained through advertising includes; Information about existing goods and services, job opportunities, business opportunities, admission into school etc. Types Of Advertising Here Are The Types Of Advertising: – Information advertising … Read more

What Are The Best Crops To Grow In Zambia

What Are The Best Crops To Grow In Zambia Zambia’s climate permits the cultivation of a variety of crops in a pattern that emerged in earlier centuries in response to local conditions. As in other African Countries, rainfall is heaviest in the south, where the forests and savannas benefit from abundant precipitation and relatively short … Read more

Which Crops Are Grown Mostly In Ghana

Ghana is very famous for it crops production. On this article we will list out the major crops which are produced in Ghana. The crops listed here are found in commercial quantity for local or domestic distribution and for exporting purpose. Here Are 20 Crops Which Are Mostly Grown In Ghana: 1. Cassava 2. Yams … Read more

Were Can One Get Turkey Eggs To Buy In Ghana

Some farmers are engaged in the сommercial turkey farming in Ghana. This is a fairly promising and profitable business, from which you can earn decent money. The main advantages of this line of activity are quick payback and high demand for finished products. Here we describe the breeds of turkeys in Ghana and were to … Read more

What Crops Are Grown In Ghana Rainforest

This is the major question asked by 30% of Ghanaians, which we will give you the answer. Ghana is found in the Tropics, where the climate is seasonally damp and very humid. The natural vegetative zones that exist in the country are governed by the combined effects of temperature, humidity, rainfall and particularly, the variations … Read more

How Much Is A Bag Of Chilli Pepper In Ghana

Chilli pepper farmers or upcoming pepper farmers wants to know the cost of a Bag of chilli pepper. We will tell you how to know the price but first of all lets give you details about chilli pepper farming in Ghana. Chilli pepper farming in Ghana is one of the many profitable farming ventures we … Read more