Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Sachet Water Production In Nigeria

Sachet water production in Nigeria is a lucrative business but it is capital intensive. This is one of the best investment opportunities one can start with huge amount of money and it return on investment is also high.

Eventhough sachet water factories has full everywhere but it is still the best business to start. Sachet water product is a daily demand because people can’t do without drinking water. Sachet water will always grow in Nigerian markets and the demand will always be on rise.

Starting A Sachet Water Production In Nigeria

These are the complete guide on how to start a sachet water production business:

(1) Identifying Your Business Plan: Business plan is a written documentation which states and give details on how to start a business, aims, goals, target markets, objectives, challenges, vision, mission and marketing strategies. So you will need to map out a good business plan before starting a sachet water production.

(2) Acquire A Land: The first step is the location and land. Location must be good and you will need land for construction of your sachet water production company. Don’t forget to have the original document of your properties.

(3) Construction: You can go for rental But if you would like to build your own sachet water production company, then you will need a duplex or bungalow with fencing, it all depends on the size of the land.

(4) Installation Of Water Supply (Distillation): After drilling a borehole, you will need to install a distillation system for water purification.

(5) Purchase The Needed Equipments: Get the necessary equipments needed for sachet water production in Nigeria to be precise. Some of the equipments are:

a. Water Treatment Equipment such as: Reverse Osmosis (RO) module, Industrial Wtaer Filtration Modules, Ultra-Violet (UV) Sterilizer, Dosing Pumps, Ozone Generator.

b. Automated Sachet Water Filler.
c. Labelled Nylon Rolls.

d. Hot Air Gun

e. Automated Sealing Machines etc.

(6) Purchase A Sachet Water Supply Van/Truck.

(7) Employ Workers: When Everything must have been set, You will now employ workers who will work on the factory, Some of the duties of the workers are: Operators, Packagers, Cleaner, Driver, Marketer, Security Personnels, Loaders and Off-loaders, etc.

Note: Don’t forget to register your business, Get Nafdac Approval before lauching your business.

Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Sachet Water Production Business

How much does it cost to start a sachet water production in Nigeria? What are the basic requirements for starting a sachet water manufacturing business in Nigeria:

Here are the estimated cost of starting a sachet water production business:

(1) Land: Land prices varies according to location and states. Land cost is from N500,000 to N3 million. Documentation and surveys may increase the price from N1 million to N8 million.

(2) Construction: The construction of the bugalow or duplex together with the production units will cost between N4 million to N11 million. Renting will cost between N500,000 to N2 million.

(3) Water Supply And Other Installation System: Boreholes and other installation system like distallation should cost around N1 million to N4 million, it all depends on the size of operation.

(4) Equipment Cost: Cost of the needed production machinees varies from N800,000 to N2,000,000. It can be imported from abroad or you buy from trusted suppliers.

(5) Truck Or Van For Transportion: You can het a truck or van as low as N600,000 to N1.5 million.

(6) Workers Pay: This varies from N15,000 to N50,000 per month.


  • Note: Small scale sachet water production cost just N1.8 millon for a start. While the above estimate is for medium sacle and large scale production.
  • Sachet water production business is a profitable business opportunity in Nigeria And these are just the necessary requirements and cost of starting a sachet water production business.