Information About Starting Catfish Farming In Nigeria

You can start making cash through catfish farming in Nigeria. Like we always say this: 60% of Nigerians loves eating fish (most especially catfish). So if you are looking for Agribusiness to venture into, then you should consider catfish farming. Catfish farming is capital intensive and have overhead costs, Catfish can yield high profits if … Read more

Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Fish Farming Business In Nigeria

Do you know that the demand for fish is very high? And 60% of Nigerians loves eating fish. Fish farming in Nigeria is very lucrative and also rising rapidly here in Nigeria. If you can go to markets, hotels, restaurants & bars, You will get to know that the product is very high in demand. … Read more

Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Snail Farming In Nigeria

Snail farming in Nigeria is the only farming business that doesn’t require any stress to start, It is very easy to start and also easy to be reared. You can start this business in your backyard and it doesn’t require much capital to get started. Snails are environmental friendly and they don’t have any odour. … Read more

Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Quail Farming In Nigeria

Rearing a quail is very profitable because it’s meat and egg are value in the society. Quail farming is very similar with chicken rearing, and it is very cheaper to start. There are two major types of making money through quail farming in Nigeria; you make money selling quail eggs and you also make money … Read more

Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Pig Farming In Nigeria

Pig farming in Nigeria is a lucrative venture that is producing millionaires around the world. Pig meat also known as pork is also high in demand, almost everyone loves eating the meat. Pig farming is booming in Nigeria, if you go to eateries or hotels you will confirm that pork meat is on high demand, … Read more

Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Soap Making Business In Nigeria

Although soap making business is saturated but it is still a profitable business to consider. This business requires a small capital investment. Have you ever gotten an idea on starting a soap making business in Nigeria? On this article we are going to show you how to start soap making business and the requirements & … Read more

Requirements For Starting A Profitable Business In Nigeria

Nigeria is a nation full of many profitable business opportunities. The problem we have is the word “white collar job”. That’s why every state in Nigeria have 70% of unemployed individuals. White collar jobs have destroyed the dreams of so many individuals, Nobody wants to be an Entrepreneur again, rather almost everyone is waiting to … Read more

Requirements And Cost Of Investing In Nigeria

Investing in Nigeria is the best decision to make, There are lot of investment business opportunities in Nigeria which are very lucrative. Every sector in Nigeria has their own best business opportunities to invest in. What you got to do is to make good research on the one that fits your criteria. There are lots … Read more

Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Petrol Filling Station In Nigeria

Petrol filling station in Nigeria is a high investment business opportunity, It is very profitable and lucrative here in Nigeria. Research has shown that there are more than 20,000 filling stations in Nigeria, and yet it still needs more. The oil and gas sector in Nigeria is the most competitive industry which is growing on … Read more

Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Sachet Water Production In Nigeria

Sachet water production in Nigeria is a lucrative business but it is capital intensive. This is one of the best investment opportunities one can start with huge amount of money and it return on investment is also high. Eventhough sachet water factories has full everywhere but it is still the best business to start. Sachet … Read more