Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Quail Farming In Nigeria

Rearing a quail is very profitable because it’s meat and egg are value in the society. Quail farming is very similar with chicken rearing, and it is very cheaper to start. There are two major types of making money through quail farming in Nigeria; you make money selling quail eggs and you also make money selling it meat (i.e Quail itself).
Unlike chicken rearing that is almost saturated, Quail farming is not that popular, But it is a lucrative venture for Nigerians who are interested in it. There are many reasons why you should start a quail farming in Nigeria:
It requires little capital.
Is a low risk investment business.
It guarantees high Return On Investment (ROI).
And very high in demand
How Profitable Is Quail Farming?
The profitability of quail farming in Nigeria is very high. For example: With 600 female quails, you are sure to get at least 11,000 eggs per month. If you sell the eggs per one, that will be N220,000 a month. Then you add the meat that will be sold and you will be amazed oh how much you will make from it.
7 Requirements Of Starting Quail Farming In Nigeria
After you must have successfully done your research, Then here are the step by step guide to set up a quail farm in Nigeria:
(1) Capital: Consider the capital required to start-up the business and make it available according to the scales you want to run it.
(2) Land & Location: Quail farming needs to be located in a place that is environmental friendly and out of residential areas. You will also need to secure a land and ensure to have enough space for housing and every other constructions that will be needed.
(3) Your Choice Of Breed: Quails have different types of breeds, so you have to be very selective when choosing, make sure your purchase are very healthy.
(4) Equipments: Buy the required equipment needed for quail farming. Some of the equipments are: feeders, crates, drinkers, egg trays, heaters or brooders etc.
(5) Feeding: It is very important you feed your quails properly, even though they are not heavy feeders. Note that it helps in growth and adequate laying of their eggs.
(6) Vaccines: Medication should be given to them when needed and ensure that proper care will be given to them.
(7) Marketing: The most important step is MARKETING. Make yourself well known through friends, family, church, markets, restaurants, hotels etc.
Cost Of Starting A Quail Farm In Nigeria
Here are the estimate cost of starting a quail farm in Nigeria:
1. Land Cost: Note that land is not that necessary if you are starting small, But if you wish to purchase land, then here is the cost: Land prices varies from N300,000 to N3 million based on the location.
2. Breed Cost: Quails can sell for N500 to N1000. Let’s use N500 for illustration. 50 multiplied by N500= N25,000.
3. Quail Farming Equipment Cost: You will need some equipments like brooders or heaters, feeders, drinkers, egg trays etc. Cost should be N10,000.
4. Feeding Cost: Their feeding cost is estimated to be N25,000 to N35,000.
5. Vaccination: N10,000 to N15,000 should be budged for medication.
6. Housing cost: This should cost about N15,000 to N50,000.
Note: This estimate is for Small scale quail farming.

  • With N200,000 you can start your own quail farming in Nigeria, And listed above are the requirements and cost of starting a quail farm business. You can also meet with quail farmers in Nigeria and get more information.