Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Poultry Farming In Nigeria

Poultry farming remains the best and profitable farming business in Nigeria and very popular around the world. If you are interested in poultry farming in Nigeria, Then this article will give you the requirements and cost of starting a poultry farming in Nigeria.

Research has shown that poultry farming in Nigeria is greatly turning people from ordinary to extraordinary millionaire’s, This is to show that the profit potentials on this business is very high.

If you are a beginner and you have interest in setting up your own poultry farm, you will need to make proper research, read books and watch poultry related videos to learn more about raising poultry in Nigeria.

Types Of Poultry Breeds In Nigeria

Before you start your own poultry farming in Nigeria, you will need to choose the type of poultry breed to rear:

Broiler: Broilers are mostly used for meat production and they grow very fast more than any other poultry breeds. The gain weight in just a short time for slaughter and sale.

Layer: Layers are reared for egg production.

Cockerel’s: Cockerels is just like broilers, they are used for meat production and they grow very slow unlike broilers. This breed can adopt themselves in any environment they finds themselves.

There are also many other poultry breeds, but these are the major ones for poultry rearing.

How Profitable Is Poultry Farming?

The profitability of poultry production in Nigeria depends on the proper management of the farmer. Your profit on this business is 31.9%.

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For Example: If you invested N5,000,000, Your marginal profit potentials after the sales of eggs, meat, and their faeces should be N3,100,000. You got back your capital N5,000,000 + Profit N3,100,000. Total: N8,100,000.

Note: This may vary depending on how the birds are been raised.

Poultry Farming Business Plan

Here is a summary step by step guide on how to start poultry farming in Nigeria:

1. Acquire A Piece Of Land: You will need a land for your poultry business and ensure that there will be enough space for constructions. The location of your poultry farm should be environmental friendly.

2. Purchase The Poultry Bird: You will now decide the choice of breed to go for. Either Layers, Broilers or cockerels. Buy healthy ones.

3. Food & Feedings: Buy their feeds. Ensure that the feed well for growth and don’t forget to know their feeding requirements.

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4. Medication: It is always important to visit poultry personnel’s for guide on how to give them the necessary vitamins and medication when needed.

Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Poultry Farming:

How much does it cost to start a poultry farm in Nigeria? What are the requirements and cost of starting a poultry farming in Nigeria? Here are the estimated cost to establish a poultry farm:

1. Cost Of Land: To start a poultry business you will need a land… The prices varies based on the location. Price of land is between N600,000-N2,000,000 and it all varies on how small or large you want your poultry farm to be.

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In some rural areas you can get a plot of land as low as N300,000 to N500,000.

2. Construction & Housing Cost:
The housing and construction depends on the size of your farm… After the purchase of land, next is to contact a carpenter or constructors that will do the work… Poultry housing will need zinc, nails, planks and galvanized wire for the construction. Estimates cost for this should be around N300,000.

3. Poultry Farming Equipment cost: There are different types of poultry equipment needed for a poultry farm and they are: perches, feeders, crates, incubators, drinkers, coops, egg tray, heaters or brooders, laying nests, chick box, fly tray, ventilation fan, egg scale, egg washer etc.

For commercial poultry farm, budget N600,000 for the equipments, For small scale, the cost should be N70,000 to N200,000.

4. Medication & Vaccination Cost: For 500 chicks, the budget is N200,000.

5. Feeding: The cost of feeding for 500 chicks is N270,000.

6. Buying Your Chicks: The prices varies from N450 to N600. 500 chicks cost about N230,000.

Total Cost Of Starting A Poultry Farming Business Is N1,700,000.


  • These are the requirements and cost of starting a poultry farming business in Nigeria. Capital and Land are the necessary requirement for this business. And it is very necessary to visit other successful poultry farms to learn more…
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