What Is The Meaning Of Corruption And Forms Of Corruption?

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  • Meaning Of Corruption
  • Forms Of Corruption

Corruption has become the most serious social issue in Nigeria today and in deed, most developing countries of the world. It is a social malady that has eaten deep into the fabrics of the Nigerian nation and has retarded all efforts at development of the nation. Corruption has marred the performance of our public institutions like NEPA (PHCN) and the public service. It is an important factor in the failure of many public enterprises like the refineries and other government agencies.
The Meaning Or Definition Of Corruption
Corruption can be defined as unethical or immoral dealings by a person or people to gain advantage over others. It also means, impure or immoral acts to prevent justice or deprive others of their rights. Corruption is immoral, unjust and destructive to social stability and national development.
Forms Of Corruption
1. Habitual lateness to work or school is corruption as well as regular absence from school and duty by the teacher without genuine reasons.
2. Use of official stationeries, envelopes, papers etc for personal or private interest.
3. The use of government time for private work is an aspect of corruption.
4. Demanding sex from female applicants for job and dangling promotions in the face of female staff, or promoting staff for reasons other than merit.
5. Demanding money from applicants for jobs and contracts.
6. Election and examination malpractices.
7. Inflation of contracts inorder to receive kick back or reward.
8. Embezzlement and misappropriation of fund is a typical form of corruption. Here government officials divert public funds for private use.
9. Forgery and favouritism; most people tamper with contract documents or payment vouchers or falsify their certificates or age or give undue advantage to friends and family members who do not merit certain positions in our society.
10. Arson and robbery to cover up unethical conducts and official misconducts is corruption. Example, workers may be used to burn down buildings and destroy documents to cover up corrupt practices under investigation.

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