What Is Unwritten Constitution? Definition, Merits And Demerits

Table Of Contents
1. Meaning Of Unwritten Constitution
2. Merits Of Unwritten Constitution
3. Demerits Of Unwritten Constitution
Unwritten Constitution: this is where the principles and rules governing a state are not written down in one document.
They are centered in different document such as the magna carta (1215), the petition mgbt (1628), The Bill Of Result (1689), The Reform Act Of 1832, are part of the British Constitution that were not centered in once document. Britain is a good example of a state that has an unwritten constitution.
Merits Of Unwritten Constitution
1. It can be easily amended to meet to current needs.
2. It is draw from the culture of the people of a state.
3. It can be amended with a simple majority in the legislature for easy and quick decision.
4. It does not ensure that constitutional issues be given adequate consideration before they are change.
Demerits Of Unwritten Constitution
1. It does not provide clear guideline for political leader.
2. It may lead to Conflicts among the three organ of government.
3. It encourages the emergency of dictatorship because it does not require a special procedure for it amendment.
4. It is difficult to refer to because it is not embody in a simple document.