What Is Rigid Constitution? Definition, Meaning, Merits And Demerits

Table Of Contents
1. Meaning Of Rigid Constitution
2. Merit Of Rigid Constitution
3. Demerits Of Rigid Constitution
Rigid Constitution: This is a constitution that has a difficult procedure for it’s amendment different from the kind of procedure require to make ordinary law. It is other absolute majority of voters or 2/3 majority of votes on the legislature that votes.
Examples Of States: that has this rigid constitution include: Nigeria, U.S.A, Canada etc.
Merits Of Rigid Constitution
1. It is not easily manipulated because it requires careful consideration before amendment.
2. It cannot be easily changed to deny the citizen their rights.
3. It is not likely to lead to political instability rather it ensures stability in the state.
4. It is good for a federal system of government.
Demerits Of Rigid Constitution
1. It is difficult to amend it’s provision.
2. It takes time to amend, many parties are involved in the amendment.
3. It cannot meet urgent needs in the state.
4. It encourages conflict among the three organs of government.

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