What Is Constitution? Definition, Meaning, Sources And Functions

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1. Meaning Of Constitution
2. Sources Of Constitution
3. Functions Of Constitution
What Is Constitution?
A constitution is the body of principles, laws and regulations that states how the government of a country or an organization will be governed or a supreme law of the land. It states the functions of the three organs of government and defines the duties and obligations of the leader and citizens.
Sources Of Constitution
The Sources Include:
1. Written Laws: These are laws written by some elected eminent citizens of the state. These law become a constitution after the government has approved them.
2. Statutes: These are law passed by legislature or parliament. Another name for this is ACT OF PARLIAMENT.
3. Charters: These are formal documents that deals with the right and privileges of the leaders and they are not written in a separate document and leader referred to a constitution.
4. Judicial Precedents: These are previous and important judgement passed and decisions taken in higher courts like Supreme Courts. This forms part of constitutional framework.
5. Constitution Customs/Conventions: These are practices of government that are not written down but accepted and obeyed many leader in the state.
6. International Law: International law such as one made by the international law of the seas e.t.c. Serves as sources of Constitution.
Functions/Scope Of Constitution
The function are as follows:
1. It states the goals, purpose and aspiration of the leader in the states.
2. It defines the basic structures of government and other organisations established by the state.
3. It protects and promoted the fundamental human right of the citizens.
4. It defines the separation of powers among the organs of government and also explains their functions.
5. It spells out the methods of amending its original form.
6. It serves as a symbol of nationalism and sovereignty.
7. It gives legitimacy to political leaders and their government.

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