Tuber Crops: Definition Of Tuber Crops And Types

Tuber Crops

Definition Of Tuber Crops
Tuber crops especially cassava, sweet potato, amorphophlaus and yams still continue to be major crops contributing significantly to human and animal food apart from finding use in various industrial applications.
These crops are adapted to broad agro-ecological conditions and yield reasonably well even under marginal environments.
Tuber crops fit well into a variety of cropping systems and can be profitably inter-cropped in coconut based cropping system.
The homesteads in the state are also ideal for cultivating them.
Types Of Tuber Crops
The Stem Tuber (E.g: Yam) And The Root Tuber (E.g: Cassava).
Stem Tubers:
Yam is a stem Tuber. There are other examples of stem tubers.(Cocoyam, Yam, Potato)
Uses Of Stem Tubers
Stem Tubers are Used In preparation Of pounded Yam. Irish Potato and cocoyam are source on Stem tubers.
Stem Tubers Are Used For Starch.
Root Tubers:
Cassava is a root tuber. There are other examples of root tubers. (Carrot, Sweet Potato, Cassava).
Uses Of Root Tubers
Root Tubers are used as garri production, Carrot are source on Root tubers, Fried Potato.

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