Cultural Practices In Agriculture: Meaning Of Cultural Practices (Seed Treatment,Pre-planting, & Post-planting Operations)

Cultural Practices In Agriculture

Cultural Practices in the farm are all those activities that take place before, during, and after field cultivation and planting. They are referred to as Pre-planting, Planting, And Post-planting operations. Pre-Planting Operations: These include all forms of operations/activities, carried out in the farm before planting can effectively take place. They include choice of site, bush … Read more

How To Raise Crops: Examples & Procedures For Raising Farm Crops

How To Raise Crops

Examples Of Crops Field crops include grain and tuber crops. Examples of grain crops are rice, maize beans, guinea corn and groundnut. Examples of tuber crops are cocoyam, potatoes, yam, carrot and cassava. Examples of horticultural crops are tomato, onion, spinach, water leaf, okra, carrot, pumpkin, and bitter leaf, While examples of Plantation crops are … Read more

7 Agricultural (Farming) Business That Is Very Profitable

Do you want to start an agricultural business? Are you interested to know the best ways to start an agricultural (farming) business? Then read on. For a country with a population like Nigeria, China, India, South Africa etc, finding a market for food is not a problem. The main challenge people get is finding a … Read more

Weeds: Meaning, Characteristics, Uses, Methods Of Weeds Disposal/Weeds Control And Effects Of Weed Control

Weeds Meaning

Meaning Of Weed A weed is any plant that grows where it is not expected to grow, Especially where it is presence constitutes in nuisance to man’s livestock or crops. This Weed is a plant that grows out of the place. Reasons For Weeding 1. Weeds compete with crops for nutrients space, water and light. … Read more

Farm Mechanization: Meaning, Problems, Advantages And Disadvantages Of Farm Mechanization

Farm Mechanization

Problems Of Agricultural Mechanization: Meaning Of Farm Mechanization: Farm Mechanization is the application of engineering principles and technology in agricultural production storage and processing on the farm. Mechanised Operation. Farm Mechanization is applicable to land preparation, planting, fertiliser application, weeding and crop harvesting, Rearing, care and feeding of animals as well as processing and storage … Read more

Meaning Of Simple Farm Tools And Their Uses And Maintenance (Types)

Meaning Of Simple Farm Tools

Welcome to, today I will talk about simple farm tools and all you need to know about them. So relax and take your time to read and learn all about it. Agricultural Science Table Of Contents Meaning Of Simple Farm Tools Types Of Simple Farm Tools Maintenance Of Simple Farm Tools Meaning Of Simple … Read more

Grain Crops: Definition Of Grain Crops And Uses

Grain Crops

Definition Of Grain Crops Grain crops Are Crops, mostly grass crops, that are grown for their edible seeds, such as corn, wheat, rye, buckwheat, amaranth, and etc. Grain markets include soybeans as grains. Guinea corn is an example of grain crops. Local Grain Crops Below are some common grain Crops: 1. Maize 2. Millet 4. … Read more

Tuber Crops: Definition Of Tuber Crops And Types

Tuber Crops

Definition Of Tuber Crops Tuber crops especially cassava, sweet potato, amorphophlaus and yams still continue to be major crops contributing significantly to human and animal food apart from finding use in various industrial applications. These crops are adapted to broad agro-ecological conditions and yield reasonably well even under marginal environments. Tuber crops fit well into … Read more

Farming And Cropping Systems

Farming And Cropping Systems

A farm system is a method of organizing a farming business or enterprise. A farmer’s farm, his farm, and the crops they grow are called a farm system. You can grow the crops separately, one after another, or combined. The following groups are for farming systems: 1. Mixed farming 2. Bush following and shifting cultivation … Read more