General Objectives Of Social Studies

Social Studies are the study of man and his numerous activities in his different environment. In going about his socio-economic, political and other activities, social studies has set the following general objectives.
1. To Develop The Ability To Adapt To Changing Environment
Social studies develop the abilities already in the students. These abilities include speech ability, manipulative ability, learning ability, etc. Some students have mixed abilities. To adapt means to change something in order to make it suitable for a new use or situation. The environments of man both physical and social are constantly changing. Man adapts new approaches suitable enough to modify them into favourable conditions.
2. To Inculcate National Consciousness And National Unity
National consciousness refers to a strong love and feeling for one’s country, which supersedes every other feeling or attachment. The welfare, wellbeing, progress and greatness of the country takes first position before any other thing.
National unity is a situation whereby people of diverse cultures – religions, languages, political ideologies, social and economic background are brought together to have a common goal. There is mutual understanding, love, cooperation, faith, trust and tolerance of one another.
3. To Become Good Citizens, Capable Of And Willing To Contribute To The Development Of The Society
Any person with the right type of ability is capable and willing to bring about transformation that will contribute meaningfully to the growth and development of the society in both human and material resources.
4. To Inculcate The Right Types Of Values And Attitudes. Values Are Principles And Ideas Tested, Approved And Accepted As Standards
They are important, worthwhile and positive in the over-all happiness of the people. Values help to shape our attitudes. This can be done through decisions and other actions. Values direct, influence and control our pattern of behaviour, the choices we make and the decisions we take. It determines our likes and dislikes such as respect for our elders, parents, those in authority, being law-abiding students or followers, showing seriousness in our academic work, punctuality to school, doing our class assignment, passing our assignments, doing our domestic duties at home, keeping good companies, not involving ourselves in immoral sexual acts, etc.
5. To Inspire People Both Young And Old, To Acquire The Spirit Of Loyalty, Honesty, Discipline, Courage, Dedication, Respect, Patriotism And Hard Work: which will equip them with skills and competences to becoming good citizens of a great nation.

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