Medium Machines: Meaning, Examples, And Uses Of Medium Machines

What Are Medium Machines? Medium machines are those tools that makes our work easier and faster. They are more bigger than simple machines but are smaller than big machines. Examples of medium machines are: Television, Motor Cycle, Bicycle, Fan, Gas Cooker, Generator and so on. Uses Of Medium Machines 1. Television: We watch films, news, … Read more

Entertainment In The Home: Meaning, Importance And Ways Of Preparing For Entertainment

Entertainment In The Home

The Family as a group or individual members often receives and entertains visitors or guests in the home, on occasions such as birthdays, child naming ceremonies, parties, etc. These occasions require different types of preparations and refreshments or food. You should be able to entertain your quests when you have a birthday party for instance. … Read more

What Is Legitimacy? Definition, Meaning, Factors And Features

What Is Legitimacy?

Table Of Contents 1. Meaning Of Legitimacy 2. Factors That Determine Legitimacy 3. Features Of Legitimacy 4. Advantages Of Running A Legitimate Governments Meaning Of Legitimacy Legitimacy is derived from a latin word legitimate meaning “lawful or according to law”. It means the acceptance of political system and being with laws of the land. It … Read more

What Is Sovereignty? Meaning And 7 Limitations Of Sovereignty

Table Of Contents 1. Meaning And Origin Of Sovereignty 2. Types Of Sovereignty 3. Limitations Of Sovereignty 4. Features Of Sovereignty Meaning And Origin Of Sovereignty It was a French political philosopher Jean modern theory of sovereignty into political theory. He defines sovereignty as the supreme power of the state over citizens and subjects. Sovereignty … Read more

Meaning, Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cabinet System Of Government

Table Of Contents 1. Meaning Of Cabinet System Of Government 2. Features Of Cabinet System Of Government 3. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cabinet System Of Government 4. Functions Of The Prime Minister Definition Of Cabinet System Of Government A cabinet system of government is referred to as a parliamentary system. It is the type of … Read more

What Is Feudalism? Definition, Meaning, Merits And Demerits

Table Of Contents 1. Meaning Of Feudalism 2. Features Of Feudalism 3. Merits Of Feudalism 4. Demerits Of Feudalism What Is Feudalism? Feudalism is a system of government based on ownership of land. Note: The land are owned by the feudals lords and another name for land is “fief”. The feudals lords could be the … Read more

What Is Authority? Definition, Meaning, Types And Sources

Table Of Contents 1. Meaning Of Authority 2. Types Of Authority 3. Sources Of Authority Definition Of Authority Authority may be defined as the right to give order and enforce obedience. The power of authority is derived from one’s offices and roles the play in a given society. It is lawful and customs with accepted … Read more

What Is Socialism? Definition, Meaning, Advantages And Disadvantages

Table Of Contents 1. Meaning Of Socialism 2. Origin Of Socialism 3. Features Of Socialism 4. Advantages Of Socialism 5. Disadvantages Of Socialism What Is Socialism? Socialism can be defined as an economy/political system where the state owns and control the means of production and distribution of goods and services. Private ownership of property are … Read more

What Is Democracy? Definition, Meaning, Origin And Characteristics

Table Of Contents 1. Meaning Of Democracy 2. Origin Of Democracy 3. Types Of Democracy 4. Main Characteristics Of Democracy Meaning Of Democracy Democracy is defined according “Abraham Lincoln” as the government of the people, by the people and for the people. Democracy means a system of government that involves the majority of the adult … Read more

What Is Written Constitution? Definition, Meaning, Merits And Demerits

Table Of Contents 1. Meaning Of Written Constitution 2. Merits Of Written Constitution 3. Demerits Of Written Constitution Written Constitution: This is the type of constitution where by the principles and rules governing a state are written down in a simple document. Some events like gainly of Independence coup d’etat may warrant the writing down … Read more