What Is Written Constitution? Definition, Meaning, Merits And Demerits

Table Of Contents
1. Meaning Of Written Constitution
2. Merits Of Written Constitution
3. Demerits Of Written Constitution
Written Constitution: This is the type of constitution where by the principles and rules governing a state are written down in a simple document. Some events like gainly of Independence coup d’etat may warrant the writing down of a country’s constitution. Examples of state that lane written constitution includes Nigeria, U.S.A, German, Canada etc
Merits Of Written Constitution
1. It prevents conflicts among members of three organs of government since there is written down principles guiding them.
2. It provides clear guidance for the political leaders.
3. It prevents the emergence of dictatorship for amendment.
4. It ensures stability in a country.
5. It also makes it possible for citizens to know when their rights are violated.
Demerits Of Written Constitution
1. There is problem of amendment since the constitution is rigid.
2. It may be against the culture of the people.
3. It is likely to make the judiciary become too powerful in issues concerning constitution of law.
4. It invents much constitutional disputes and does not meet urgent needs.