Office Documents: Meaning & Types Of Office Documents, Sales Document,Purchase Document And Preparation Of Office Documents (Business Studies)

Office is a place where clerical activities are carried out for the proper functioning of a business. Is not possible for an office to function without some certain documents.

In this article we shall discuss the basic document s used in the office.

Meaning of Office Documents:

Office documents are document s that are used to facilitate office work. Such documents can be in form of written, printed or electronic matter, providing information for official purpose.

In a business set up, office documents can be divided into:

i) Sales Documents
ii) Purchases Documents.


Meaning of Sales: Sales refer to the exchange of goods and services in return for payment. The transaction can be in cash or credit. Sales Documents are documents used to facilitate sales transactions.

The following are regarded as sales documents:

a) Price list and Quotation:

A price list is a document that shows the names of all goods (stock) a trader or producer has with the price shown in front of each item.

While a Quotation is a written statement, addressed to an intending buyer (client) showing the items (goods and services) an organization is willingly to offer for sale at stated prices.

b) Invoice

An invoice is a document issued by a seller to a buyer stating the description, quantity, unit price and total amount of goods sold at a particular time.

c) Delivery Notes

Delivery note is only used when the seller delivers goods with his own van to a buyer.

d) Way Bill

e) Proforma Invoice

This document has the features of an invoice but it is not. It is issued to an intending customer to give him an idea of the prices at which the seller or producer of certain goods can sell to them.

f) Receipt

The receipt is a sales document issued by a seller to a buyer to acknowledge the receipt of money by the seller from the buyer in respect of goods bought by the buyer.


Purchase documents are documents used to facilitate purchase of goods and services from a seller. The following are documents involved:

a) Letter Of Inquiry

This is a letter written by a prospective buyer to a seller or producer to request information such as:

i: prices of goods intended for purchase.

ii. Trade terms: discount allowed, cash or credit sales and method of delivery. Such inquiry could also be made by phone calls or SMS.

b) Order

An order is a firm written statement for the purchase of goods specified therein,at stated prices. It authorizes the seller to supply the goods stated therein. The order is usually printed and can be referred to as “order form”.

The purpose of order is to:

  1. Confirm an intention to purchase the goods.
  2. Show the description of goods the buyer wishes to buy.
  3. Show commitment of the buyer to purchase the goods.

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