RESPONSIBILITIES OF A CONSUMER: Meaning Of Consumer Responsibility And The Consumer Responsibilities

This refers to the roles and actions that the consumer should abide by, when buying goods. This helps the consumer to get equal value for his money on a particular product or service.
The following are the responsibilities of the consumer:
(1) Critical Awareness: This implies that the consumer should be alert and get good information about a product before buying e.g Source of product, price, quality of goods and services etc.
(2) Action: This means being active and insisting on getting fair bargain, as passive consumers will continue to be exploited.
(3) Social Concern: A consumer should be interested in what concerns fellow consumers and to support a fellow consumer to get the best of the bargain.
(4) Environmental Awareness: The consumer should ensure that he purchases his goods in an environment that is healthy.
(5) Solidarity: It is the responsibility of the consumer to join consumer organisations and associations in order to have one voice.

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