Occupation In Commerce: Meaning, Types, Classification, Types Of Industrial Occupation, Types Of Commercial Occupation And Factors That Determines The Types Of Occupation

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  • Definition Of Occupation
  • Classification Of Occupation
  • Types Of Industrial Occupation
  • Types Of Commercial Occupation
  • Types Of Occupation
  • Factors Determining The Types Of Occupation

Occupation In Commerce

Occupation can be defined as any economic or productive activities which people engage in to create and provide goods and services in order to make a living.

Today, people engage in various activities to earn a living and to satisfy their numerous wants. Barbing, Teaching and Trading are some of the examples Of Occupation.

Classification Of Occupation

Occupation is classified into Industry And Commerce.

1. Industry: Is used to describe all activities concerned with the physical production of goods. There are people that engage in extracting raw materials from sea or soil and changing them into finished goods/component.

Types Of Industrial Occupation

a. Extractive Occupation: The extractive industries are those who engage in obtaining raw materials and natural resources from soil or sea. They include all kind of farming, fishing, mining, foresting and hunting.

b. Manufacturing Occupations: Manufacturing occupation are concerned with activities of those who engage in processing and turning raw materials produced in primary industry into finished products.

The raw materials or natural resources are transformed into finished products after going through different powers to add value and utility.

c. Constructive Occupation: Constructive occupation is concerned with all activities of those who engage in assembling of goods manufactured into usable forms. They convert manufactured products into various uses, E.g bricklaying, road builders, goldsmith etc. They engage in constructing roads, bridges, houses etc.

2. Commerce: Commerce is the process of buying, selling and distribution of goods and services. It includes all occupation that are concerned with trader and other activities that will ensure effective and efficient distribution of goods and services.

These services are referred to as ancillaries to trade and they are transportation, banking, insurance, tourism and advertising.

Types Of Commercial Occupation

a. Trading: Trading is concerned with the activities of all the people who engage in the act of buying and selling goods and services.

b. Insurance: Insurance is concerned with the activities of people who undertake to protect individuals and business against risk in day to day occupation.

c. Banking: Banking as a commercial occupation includes people who assist others to have for their daily needs.

d. Advertising: Advertising involves the business the business of providing information about the existence of a product to the potential buyers.

e. Transportation: Transportation is concerned with the movement of goods and services where they are needed.

f. Warehousing: The people involves e.g warehouse manager, clerk etc are concerned with ensuring that goods produced are stored until they are needed for consumption.

g. Tourism: Tourism is covered with all activities of those who engage in creating tourist centers e.g national parks.

h. Communication: Communication includes all activities which promote rapid transmission of messages or from one place to another.

Types Of Occupation

(1) Direct Services: Direct service include personal services rendered for direct consumption which are paid for directly by those who enjoy the services. Those who engage in this form of occupation are entertainers, barbers, stewards, family doctors, buyers in private paradise etc.

(2) Indirect Services: Indirect services includes services rendered to the general public. They are not paid nor by the members of the pubic directly. The government will pay from taxes and levies paid by the public.

Therefore, those involved render indirect services and are paid indirectly by the government e.g doctors working in hospitals, police force, soldiers, customs officers etc.

Factors Determining The Types Of Occupation

1. Climatic And Weather Differences: The climatic and weather conditioner of a place determine the nature of occupation available in a particular area, E.g a fisherman will be in riverline area.

2. Salary And Wages: The remuneration and conditions of services also affect occupation.

3. Industrial Hazards: The risk and security involved in such employment also determine people’s involved in an occupation.

4. Policies: The policies of the government as well as the age of the person seeking employment determines the type of occupation.

5. Education And Skills: Education and skill can also affect the types of occupation e.g unskilled workers are many in extractive industries.

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