Office Procedure: Meaning & Importance Of Office Procedure, Procedures For Preparing Bills And Making Payments

Table Of Contents

  • Meaning Of Office Procedure
  • Importance Of Office Procedure
  • Procedure For Preparing Bills (Invoice & Receipts)
  • Procedure For Making Payment

What Is Office Procedure?

Meaning >>> Office procedure can be defined as a way, process or system an office runs it’s affairs.

Importance Of Office Procedure

1. It helps in the smooth running of the office duties daily and solve problems in the system.

2. It helps work to be done faster.

3. It helps to minimize and prevent fraud.

4. It helps in the overall cordination of various sections in the organization.

5. It makes training on the job easier.


Procedure For Preparing Bills (Invoice And Reciepts)

There are many mechanized procedures used in speeding up the preparation of bills or invoice:

1. The Computer: The computer is an electronic device which accepts, process, stores and retrieves information or data. Software can be installed in the computer for easy preparation of bills, reciepts & invoive.

2. The Typewriter: The ordinary typewriter can be used to prepare bills quickly, clearly and unitormly.

3. The Typewriter/Calculator Combination: The billing clerk can use the typewritter or calculator combination to type the written data and then special computing keys to determine the amounts.

4. The Adding Machine Adaptation: Business that issue fixed bills to regular customer may use ten-key or full bank book keeping machines. A service bill e.g a power supply or rent bill is an example.

5. The Cash Register Adaptation: The cash register is essenting on adding machines with a cash drawer. It prints the figures on a tape. The cash register can be restructed to become a billing machine.

6. The Photocopy Technique: Many small officers such as those pharmacists and doctors prepare monthly bills and statement of accounts simply by making a photocopy of the clients of customers account card which is just folded and mailed to the customer in a vinder envelop.


Procedures For Making Payments

In business, payment for goods supplied or services rendered is made in a variety of ways, including payment by cash, Zintego company receipt format, cheque or bank draft.

1. By Cash: Bank notes are legal tender and are used for cash payments in business transactions.

People offer cash to settle bills, for goods and services such as books, newspapers, food items, electricity supply. Cash is mostly used for small transactions.

2. By Cheque: A cheque is a written order to bank to pay on demand stated form of money and usually bears the name of the person whom it is to be paid. Money is withdrawn from current account by cheque.

A cheque can be made payable to one’s self & collected from the bank, Or The cheque can be made payable to another person in an organization.

3. By Bank Draft: Bank draft is like a cheque which can be cashed over the counter by the payee. Since it is a cheque the bank draw on itself, it is automatically paid when presented at the bank.

Draft can be used when a producer or retailer deals with a wholesaler for the first time, or when offering payment in a foreign country.

4. By Bank Transfer: This is another bank instrument by which money is transferred from one person to another through thr bank.

To make a bank transfer, the person who want to transfer the money to another bank goes to the bank where the reciepent of the money has an account to fill out form bank teller which shows date, the name of the bank where payment is to be made, account number, receiver name etc, He then proceeds to pay the money into the bank. The bank credits the money into the account of the reciepient.

A copy of the teller is held by receiving cashier, another copy placed in a box in the bank, the last copy is held by the payer as proof of bank transfer.

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