The Nation: Meaning, Features Or Characteristics Of Nation

The nation is a group of people organised under one system of government who hold certain characteristics in common especially culture, languages, history and desire to continue to be, examples is the different ethnic groups in Nigeria like Igbo, Edo etc. Therefore, Nigeria is a state made up of several nations.
Features Or Characteristics Of Nation
They are:
1. Common Territory: That is The population that makes up geographical area. This is because living together encourages unity. Felling out of belonging as well as the need plan for their political economy.
2. Common Language: A nation must have same and common language. This allow them to have meaningful one sense and being able to understand one another.
3. A nation has common custom and tradition. It helps to give them common culture, national character and shared experiences.
4. Another characteristics is Common Economy: A nation must have a common economy in terms of geographical division of labour, specialization and exchange of products.
5. A nation must have people who share common historical backgrounds. Common share of value system, historical experiences and desired to be one. They have common political system government.
Differences Between A State And A Nation
1. A state has no external control but a nation has external control by the state.
2. A state is recognised globally while a nation may not be recognised out its state.
3. A state is made up of different ethnic groups with different culture while a nation is made up of people with common or the same culture, historical background etc.
4. The state is wider in scope than the nation politically, socially and economically.
Similarities Between State And Nation
1. Both the state and nation are run by a system of government.
2. A state has its own population just like a nation has its own people.
3. Each of them occupies a geographical location.