Family: Meaning And Types Of Family

What Is Family?
Family is a group of people related by blood.
Marriage or social relationship is also made up of father, mother, brother and sister.
Types Of Family
1. Nuclear Family
2. Extended Family
Values That Promote Relationship In The Family
1. Cooperation: If f members of the family agree or come together to do things, there will be peace and progress in the family.
2. Tolerance: People do not have the same behaviour and attitude, For peace to reign in the family, it is very important that member of the family learn to tolerate or accept each other’s behavior.
3. Respect: Members of the family should learn to respect one another no matter the age different. This will promote good relationship in the family.
4. Justice: There should be fairness in the settlement of quarreling in the family.
Judgement to favour one person at the expense of another should be avoid.

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