Cleaning Agents: Materials Needed To Make Cleaning Agent And How To Make The Cleaning Agent

Cleaning Agents

Preparing Cleaning Agents:
We can make home made cleaning agents by adding some materials together in their right quantity.
Materials Needed To Make Cleaning Agent:
1. Domestic Wastes: These are materials we do not noted to use again at home. Examples:
a. Egg shells
b. Snail shells
c. Broken plate
d. Wood ashes
2. Natural Materials: These are materials we can find in nature. Examples:
1. Fine Sand: From erosion path after a heavy rainfall or from river bank.
2. Common Salt.
3. Plant Materials are also use as cleaning agent. These include:
Sand paper leaf, Pawpaw leafs, fruit such as lemon, lime, pineapple etc
3. Chemicals: These substances that can also be use as cleaning agent. For example: Detergent, Omo, etc
How To Make The Cleaning Agent
1. Egg Shells: Procedure::
i. Collect broken egg shell
ii. Sun dry to remove water
iii. Crush the egg shell into pieces
iv. Grind the shell until it becomes powdered.
v. Add the Detergent to it.
-: Now you have your egg shell powder and it is use for cleaning.
2. Snail Shell:
i. Collect snail shell.
ii. Roast the shell in the fire.
iii. Collect the resulting white ash
iv. Grind the white ash
v. Add detergent to it
-: Now you have Snail shell powder and it is use for cleaning.
3. Mug Ash:
i. Collect ashes from a firewood or charcoal fire place
ii. Sift it through a sieve
iii. Add detergent to it.
-: It is now ready for it to be used as Ash powder..
4. Fine Sand:
i. Collect De fine sand from erosion path or river bank
ii. Sieve it
iii. Add detergent to it.
:- These Could be use as cleaning sand powder for cleaning.
5. Leafs:
Detach pawpaw lead or sand paper leaf, Use directly with detergent to clean dirty items within the home.
6. Fruits:
The juice from fruit such as lime, lemon, pineapple, can clean metallic object effectively, For example: trophies & decoration within the home.

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