Ways Through which Society Can Promote Justice And Selflessness

Promote Justice And Selflessness

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1. Justice And Selflessness
2. Ways Through Which Society Can Promte Justice And Selflessness.
Justice And Selflessness
Justice and Selflessness have something in common. The two are inseparable facts of our reality. It can be seen in this way. Justice illuminates (brightens).
While selflessness gives (support) and practicality to justice. As selflessness motivates (stimulates) justice so does justice gives satisfaction and reinforcement to selflessness.
For any society to move forward, justice must not be obtained only oin the lips, radio, television and pages of papers but should be seen done in all human activities. Same is true with selflessness.
Ways Through Which Society Can Promote Justice And Selflessness
The following are the various ways through which society ca promote the propagation of justice and selflessness.
a. Recognition and reward of all who have distinguished themselves greatly un the total transformation of their society. This can be in industries, education, commerce, and culture human relations, peace-making and environmental protection.
b. Existence of an independent judiciary. Justice and selflessness are at highest level when the judiciary whose main function is to interpret the laws is independent of the executive and legislative arms of the government.
c. Application of the principle of the rule of law.
d. Application of the principle of natural justice i.e. fair hearing, rendering to everyone what is due to him, allowing everyone to perform his or her duty in the society.
e. Adherence To The Provisions Of The Constitution: Citizens of the state or country should be protected by the provisions of the constitution by adhering strictly to the constitution which is the supreme document that regulate the behaviours of the citizens.
f. Peace And Unity: The citizens should enjoy their environment where peace and unity obtain for justice and selflessness to be healthy and flourishing.
g. Fairness/Equity/Equal/Treatment: Fairness, Equity and Equal treament refer to fair judgemenr that is without prejudice and applying the same standard or yardstick as stipulated by the law to all.
h. Commitment: This is the willingness to work hard and give one’s enery and time to a job or activity in the community. This promotes justice and selflessness.
i. Contentment: Justice and selflessness are promoted through contentment which is the ability of an individual to be satisfied with what he has at any given period of time.
j. Reward For Hard Work: Justice and selflessness are also promoted through the reward for hard work in the society. For example, many citizens in Nigeria who distinguished themselves in various field of endeavour are given awards in these ways;
i. The National Honour Award
ii. The Nigeria National Merit Award.
iii. The National Productivity Merit Award
iv. The National Creativity Award.
Other ways through which the society can promote justice and selflessness are trust, Co-operation, Transparency, God fearing, Integrity, Patriotism, Love and care for one another, Accountability, Sincerity, Public campaign or public enlightenment.

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