Peace: Meaning, Types, Importance And Ways Of Promoting Peace

Social Studies
Table Of Contents

  • Meaning Of Peace
  • Types Of Peace
  • Importance Of Peace
  • Ways Of Promoting Peace

Meaning Of Peace
Peace is a state of harmony free from quarrels. It is a condition that brings joy, happiness and progress to the family, community and nation at large. When there is peace, people live together, cooperated and work for their progress and that of the society. Peace is the absence of war, fear, conflict, suffering and violence.
Types Of Peace
There are two main types of peace, Which are:
1. Positive Peace
2. Negative/Uneasy Peace
1. Positive Peace
This exist in a state of harmony where people are happy, orderly, relaxed and pursue lawful engagement without molestation of fear.
2. Negative/Uneasy Peace
Negative peace exist when people groan under injustice and all forms of unfair treatment, such as harsh rules by the school, abuse of office by constituted authority and including the police. The citizens may keep quite for fear or harassments by the authority. This kind of peace may explode into conflict and breakdown of law and order one day.
Importance Of Peace
1. There is absence of violent, conflict such as war, fear and injustice.
2. Peace helps in the creation of good citizens who abide by the rules and regulations.
3. Peace creates unity, cooperations and understanding among the people.
4. Peace brings about progress, growth and development of the society.
5. Peace protects the rights of a citizen.
6. Peace brings happiness and less stress.
Ways Of Promoting Peace
1.Human Rights
The fundamental human rights of citizens and non-citizens in the country should adequately be protected. The citizens should be allowed to enjoy their natural and constitutional.
2. Good Governance
When those in government promise and fulfill what is in their manifests, it will go a long way in promoting peace.
3. Tolerance
People in the society should learn to tolerates one another because there are people with all kinds of character. When we tolerate one another there will be peaceful co-existence.