Meaning And Various Forms Of Advertising Media (Business Studies)

Advertising media are the various medium or means through which goods are advertised. These medias includes: 1. Radio 2. Television 3. Bill Boards 4. Magazine Or Journals 5. Newspaper 6. Leaflets And Posters 7. Sales Van 8. Car Stickers 9. Handbills 10. Internets 11. Exhibitions/Trade Fair 12. Free Samples. 1. Radio: The radio is a … Read more

Road Transport In Business Studies: Meaning, Advantages And Disadvantages Of Road Transport (Business Studies)

Table Of Contents Meaning Of Road Transportation Advantages Of Road Transport Disadvantages Of Road Transport What Is Road Transport? This is a method of transport by land. There are several means of road transport. They are all referred to as motor vehicles and they include Cars, Lorries, Trucks, Heavy duty vehicles (trailers), buses, motorcycles, bicycles … Read more

Fishery: Definition, Classification & Uses Of Fish And Fish Products,Methods Of Fishing And Risk Factors In Water Management & Fish Farming (Agriculture)

Fish Farming is a form of aquaculture practice. Fishery or Fish farming aims at utilizing inland water and ponds for breeding species of fish, their management and control and tapping of fish resource to produce food. The practice includes raising, harvesting, processing, and marketing of fidh and fish products. Currently in West Africa, more farmers … Read more

Distribution: Meaning Of Distribution, Functions & Stages/Channels Of Distribution

MEANING OF DISTRIBUTION Distribution can be defined as the transfer of goods and services from the producer to the customer, in the right quantities, in the right place at the right time. It involves the marketing, transporting and selling of any item. It can also be said to mean the movement of products to various … Read more

Crop Propagation And Cultural Practices: Meaning, Methods, Advantages And Disadvantages Of Seed, Asexual Or Vegetative Propagation

Meaning of crop propagation This is the process of production or development of new and identical crop plants either from the seeds, or through parts of the parent plant that can regenerate. This process ensures perpetuation of the crops from generation to generation. Methods of Crop Propagation Crops can be propagated either through sexual or … Read more

Cultural Practices In Agriculture: Meaning Of Cultural Practices (Seed Treatment,Pre-planting, & Post-planting Operations)

Cultural Practices In Agriculture

Cultural Practices in the farm are all those activities that take place before, during, and after field cultivation and planting. They are referred to as Pre-planting, Planting, And Post-planting operations. Pre-Planting Operations: These include all forms of operations/activities, carried out in the farm before planting can effectively take place. They include choice of site, bush … Read more

Shopping Tips: Meaning Of Needs And Wants And Making Decisions About Needs And Wants

On this Article, we shall discuss issues to consider when one spends money on Materials, goods and services. That is, things that should influence us when shopping or spending money. We must be able to differentiate between our needs and our desires (Wants). MEANING OF NEEDS AND WANTS Needs refer to the essential goods and … Read more

Bank Services: Meaning & Examples Of Commercial Bank, Services Provided By The Banks And Ethical Issues In Banking

COMMERCIAL BANK Commercial banks are financial houses/institutions where individuals, government and organizations keep their money and other valuable securities for safety. The banks in return lend out money to individuals, government and organizations who need them for one reason or the other, usually for business. Commercial bank can be defined as a financial institutions which … Read more

Animal Feeds And Feedings: Meaning Of Feeds, Classes & Types Of Feeds And Feeding Tools (Agriculture)

Animal feeds and feeding have to do with animal nutrition. This is all about the proper feeding of farm animals so as to achieve good growth and body conformation of the animals, and for increased productive capacity. It tends to exemplify how food supplies nutrients to animals, and how their bodies utilize these nutrients. Meaning … Read more

RESPONSIBILITIES OF A CONSUMER: Meaning Of Consumer Responsibility And The Consumer Responsibilities

MEANING OF CONSUMER RESPONSIBILITY This refers to the roles and actions that the consumer should abide by, when buying goods. This helps the consumer to get equal value for his money on a particular product or service. CONSUMERS RESPONSIBILITIES The following are the responsibilities of the consumer: (1) Critical Awareness: This implies that the consumer … Read more