Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Mushroom Farm In Nigeria

Starting a mushroom farm in Nigeria can be profitable depending on the process followed to establish the farm. Mushroom farming may not seems that attractive but if you conduct a market research then you will confirm how profitable this farming business can be.

Mushrooms are high value crops,and the demand has risen over the years. There are many specialty of mushrooms, which range from oyster, shitake and others. The species/varieties may require different practices to grow them.

Mushroom are viable option for agricultural business, thereby, you will need proper planning and a strategy to make it work out for you. This article will explain how to select mushroom varieties, and methods of growing them.

Mushroom farming is properly regarded among the most lucrative agricultural businesses in Nigeria today. The business, when planned well and implenting the right producers you are likely to maximize good profits. Think about this, there is large market demand of mushrooms, irrespective of the persons location.

Anyone can start a mushroom farm in Nigeria, so far that your capital are in place, and other requirements, then starting a mushroom farm will not be a big deal. The big question might be, how much do it really cost to start a mushroom farm in Nigeria? You are at the right page, as we will explain to you how to get started and the requirements needed.

Before we give out the needed information to start a mushroom farm, it will be nice that you understand the meaning of the following terms that will be used in this article:

i. Mushroom Spawn: Mushroom spawn are substances that has been treated with mycelium to grow mushroom.

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ii. Shiitakes: Shiitakes are edible mushroom that are being grown.

iii. Oyster Mushrooms: This is a common, consumed and the most preferred mushroom for farming.

iv. Terrarium: It is a method of growing mushroom, it can be plastic and there about.

vi. Substrte: Substrate are basically the materials or substances needed to grow mushrooms. Examples are saw dust, rice bran, wheat bran etc.

How To Start A Mushroom Farm In Nigeria

On the process of starting a mushroom farm in Nigeria, we will discuss different methods of growing mushrooms, follow the below steps to grow and edible mushrooms in Nigeria:

1. Choose Your Mushroom Variety: When choosing variety, ensure that it is the most demand variety in your area. That is why you must be very careful when selecting a variety. To get started as a mushroom farmer you needs to purchase the mushroom spawn, which is usually available in pre-mixed bags.

Then you need to prepare the spwan in order to grow mushroom varieties that are consumable; shiitakes and oyster mushrooms, oyster’s are the most popular mushrooms to grow in Nigeria, and it is usually grown on logs, they are easy to grow mushrooms and even easier to eat.

Note that, There are other types of mushrooms that can also be edible like the chanterelles and the morels.

2. Consider The Methods To Use In Growing Your Mushrooms: There are two different methods involve in growing mushrooms, They are: tararium method, and The Log method.

Growing Mushrooms Using Tarrarium Method:

a. Choose a tarrarium with a ud: Plastic tarrarium, and even old grow-trays can be use to grow mushrooms on the suitable environment. If you have a dark basement, you may not need a chamber with a ud.

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You can as well use a plastic storage bm, deep trays or even an old fish tank for growing mushrooms. And you need to regulate the temperature regulary.

b. Buy the material needed to grow mushrooms, The materials are manure, rye meal, virmiculate and saw dust, The materials are used to grow mushroom of different vanictres successfully. Now you prepare a growing substrate for your mushroom spawn. Mix together the materials to form a substrate.

C. Plant The Mushroom Spawn: Your spawn should be planted about two inches in your substrate, and ensure to have spacing like two inches while planting.

d. The chamber should at 70 degrees Fahranhot or Even 21 degrees cilsixs: Balance temperature to insure proper growth.

e. Spray water to the soil surface: Spray water regularly to keep the mushroom and soil damp, especially if it is in a heated environment. Maintain the sure dampress for 3 to 4 weeks.

f. Harvest The Mushroom: You will need to harvest the mushrooms when you notice the yeil connecting to the cup of the mushrooms being lifted. As soon as you notice this, just know that your mushrooms are ready to be picked.

Growing Mushrooms Using The Log Method

a. Buy Hardwood Logs For Your Mushrooms: You can get this log directly from spawn suppliers, or you can as well start with freshly cut logs. And the logs should be about it facts. Ensure to clean off organisms that might conflict with your mushrooms.

b. Plant The Mushroom Spawn: shiitake and oyster mushrooms performs well on a log method. Drill holes on the log which can fit in the spawn. Ones the spawn are being put into the holes, cover the holes with a tiny cheese why or busway to protect your spawn from pest. Ensure to heat the wax to melt.

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c. Ensure To Have A Shede: You will need environment that can premide up to 55 to 65% shede-cover to allow your spawn to grow successfully.

d. Your logs should be moist until mushrooms begins to form

e. Harvesting The Mushroom: You will need to harvest the mushroom when you see the veil of the mushroom being lift away from the stem. Be very much careful while harvesting, avoid twisting the mushrooms, rather cut with a small knife. We believe this method will help you when starting a mushroom farm.

3. Understand The Market: Mushroom farmers must understand their market, thats why a careful analysis of the market must be carried out.

Starting a mushroom farm in Nigeria irrespective of your location. Therefore you will certically analyze the market, competitions and even come up with a marketing strategy that will work out for your mushroom farm.

Cost Of Starting A Mushroom Farm In Nigeria

The cost of starting a mushroom farm in Nigeria, is determine by the scale you are planning ti start with, whether small scale mushroom farm cost less than $500, However, you will need more than $2000 to establish a standard mushroom farm in Nigeria.


Mushroom farming is among the most irretative agricultural farming in Nigeria. Mushroom farmers should understand the basic reqiurements and spaces that are highly demanded in his area, before thinking of starting any farm.

Remember that growing mushrooms are solely dependent on the environment, humidity and temperature.

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