Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Creche In Nigeria

Starting a creche in Nigeria is an operational way of making money while rendering your services to children.

Creche also known as day care centre has two major ways of running them, you may decide to run it as a centre based business or a home-based. Whichever form you want to run it solely depends on you.

Operating a creche in Nigeria has lots of profitability as the venture has so many potentials to unleash, Thereby earning you money in return.

On this article, you will find out the requirements to start a creche in Nigeria.

7 Requirements Needed To Start A Creche In Nigeria

1. Business Plan

Before you decide to open a creche business, the first steps involves creating and developing a business plan. Analyse the market in your area, know your potential competitors, And if the competition is too high in your area you may have to be unique when you start operating. These are the things you should be taking records on your business plan.

Your business plan will evaluate whether you will run a home-based or centre based business. You may as well decide to run the two forms of child care services. Anyhow you decide to run it will determine how you will analyse your budget while developing a business plan.

You should know that running a home-based centre business is less expensive than centre-based. On your business plan, also attach the kind of services you have to offer. This will help in building a solidified business.

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Your business plan should as well consist your expenditures, annual expenses, startup expenses, equipment cost, marketing cost, etc.

2. Choose A Name For Your Creche

One of the most important steps in the process of starting a creche in Nigeria is choosing a good name, Because that is what represents your creche. While choosing name, ensure that the name doesn’t conflict with any other name.

3. Register Your Creche

Once you have a solid business plan and you have gotten a good name for your creche, the next step to consider should be about registration, Contact your local government to know the legal requirements needed to start operating a creche in your state.

Know the sort of business licence required, the sort of building codes and obtained all the necessary license.

4. Choose A Location

If you plan to run a centre based daycare services then you have to choose a good location that you can afford based on your capital. You may decide to buy or rent space. All these are based on your budget.

Ensure that the location are convenient for parents and also a safe area for running a creche.

However, you must comply with planners to ensure that your proposed location is in accordance to the laws and regulations guiding your state. That is whether the location is good to site a creche business.

5. Buy The Necessary Equipment Needed To Start A Creche

Whether you are running a home-based or center-based child-care services, it is very important to buy the different kinds of equipments and materials to run your creche successfully.

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Here are some of the equipment and materials needed: child-sized furniture, step stools, outdoor play equipment, educational toys, television, computers, books, kid cars, play pens, storage containers for personal belongings, art and craft materials, plate and cups, booster seats, mats, etc. Don’t forget to purchase sanitary items too.

6. Staffs

Depending on the scale of the creche you are operating, you will need to hire staffs for assistance.

You have to be very careful when employing staff, do a careful investigation such as criminal record history, child abuse history. These are factors to consider before employing any staff.

7. Advertise Your Creche

Any successful business becomes successful as the results of the advertising and marketing strategy.

Before you start advertising try as much as possible to come up with an advertising strategy and information that can be able to convince parents to bring their child to your creche.

Think of how you will offer a unique services that any other creche haven’t done before. This is another strategy that can lead to a successful operation of your creche.

Another aspects of marketing your creche is by giving a discount to parents, this will make your creche to be competitive with other existing creche. It is very important to start advertising one or two months before starting a creche so that parents will start early to consider your creche.

If you have enough budget you can involve yourself in advertising through radio, newspaper and television, And as well as printing and sharing flyers.

Cost Of Starting A Creche In Nigeria

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Starting a creche in Nigeria is a great idea, And however, to analyze the cost of starting a creche, you have to consider the following: Licensing fee, cost of equipments, staff salary, cost of renting a space, advertising cost.

When you calculate all the expenses you can be able to come up with the startup costs. One can start a creche in Nigeria with less than $5000 or more depending on the size.

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