Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Cinema In Nigeria

Starting a cinema in Nigeria sounds as if it is not possible or a mere dream.

Opening a cinema is actually possible and will totally be successful if you follow the right steps. Any type of cinema you want to open, whether multiplexes, drive-in, small scale cinemas or even a specialized Cinema, what matters most is making it a lucrative venture.

Though there are many challenges to opening and maintaining a cinema in Nigeria but this type of business has the alacrity and potential to make cool money to the owners daily, weekly and monthly and it has lots of benefits to people’s lives. It may take series of research to come up with the type of cinema to open in Nigeria.

Cinema also known as a movie theatre is a place where movies are displayed on large screens for audience that have already paid for the services. It is usually characterized by a sound effects which is very superior with a clear view and comfortable furniture.

Cinema is usually a place to watch movies and it will be a profitable venture to anyone that will open one in Nigeria.

There are two major ways of running a cinema business in Nigeria, you can operate under a franchise or you can operate independently.

Operating under a franchise involves approaching already existing Cinema and partnering with them. You will use their own name while starting your own cinema. One of the major advantages of this method is that you will enjoy the popularity of the already existing cinema which will have a positive effect to your own cinema and this can go a long way to attract more customers to you.

You should know that why operating under an existing franchise you must follow their rules and procedures and some portions of your income will be part with them.

Running your own cinema by yourself involved starting from scratch, you are just on your own, you promote your brand by yourself.

Now you have to decide the best option that fits your criteria in starting your own cinema business after you must have done some research.

How To Start A Cinema In Nigeria

Here are the step-by-step guide to start a cinema business in Nigeria:

1. Gain The Experience

You have to learn everything you can about the cinema industry. Do some research devoted to the Business of cinema,learn about the different types of cinema and their styles for showing movies.

Here are some of the types of cinemas: mainstream, second-run cinemas, independent cinemas, drive-in movies cinemas. You can decide to be unique by showing latest interesting movies. That is why you need to gain experience in order to know what works best.

In your area, you need to conduct a market research to know what cinema business has to offer by determining what kinds of movies people intend to watch. All these are just the processes of getting the experience about the industry.

On the process of conducting a research about the industry you need to understand the legal regulations guiding the business so that when starting your own cinema it will go in accordance with the regulations guiding the business in your state.

2. Choose A Good Location

A suitable location is one of the important factors to consider before starting any business including starting a cinema. Your cinema business should be in a place that can be easily accessible by people, Ensure that the location will be an easy to find area which is very closer to other businesses.

Choosing a good location have a better chances of attracting customers and making your cinema business a profitable abode.

Think about having space, most importantly, car parking space and space that can contain more than 100 persons.

3. Register Your Cinema

First of all, you have to pick a good name for your cinema which is very simple to pronounce. Now to register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Follow the required procedures to make your cinema legal.

4. Equip Your Cinema

After you have gotten a good location for your cinema, you can now decide to furnish and buy the needed things and equipment like screens, chairs for those that bought tickets, speakers, soundproofing, computers, a reel projector, dimmable light, softwares for videos, audio/video receivers, a ticket boot, etc.

You can as well have space for popcorn makers and a place for cool refreshments. This requirement makes your business more attractive and profitable. If you are running under a franchise they will actually tell you how to equip your cinema.

5. Having A Schedule

As a cinema owner, you have to plan your timing for operation, Figure out the best time to open the cinema. And don’t complicate time by opening when people are more focused on other events taking place. Learn to balance your schedules.

6. Hire Your Staff

On any level of operating a cinema in Nigeria you will surely need employees to help you run the cinema. There are roles you will need at your cinema like a projectionist, ticket-taker, popcorn maker, etc.

7. Promote Your Cinema

Of a truth, cinema compete with many other entertainment business or programs in Nigeria, and at a time there is much competition and driving customers attentio. And thereby, you will need different methods of advertising series to draw people people’s attention.

Promote your cinema through medias like radio, television, etc. Online and offline marketing are mostly recommended too.

Cost Of Starting A Cinema In Nigeria

The startup capital for starting a cinema in Nigeria is very expensive and depending on the type of operation you might spend more than $500,000 to start a profitable cinema in Nigeria.

Following the above-listed steps you can start up a successful cinema in Nigeria. And remember; a good business plan will be helpful for the success of your business.