Honesty: Meaning, Attributes And Benefits Of Honesty (National Values)


Table Of Contents

  • Meaning Of Honesty
  • Attributes Of Honesty
  • -Respect
  • -Truthfulness
  • -Integrity
  • -Reliability
  • -Honest Communication
  • -Commitment
  • -Courage/Boldness
  • Benefits Of Honesty
  • Consequences Of Dishonesty
  • -Punishment
  • -Cheating
  • -Examination Malpractice
  • -Fradulent Practices
  • -Robbery
  • -Kidnapping
  • Summary

National Values Honesty
Meaning Of Honesty
What Is Honesty In Civic Education and in General?
Honesty is the quality of being truthful, sincere and straightforward in one’s dealings with others. An Honest man will always attract people’s goodwill, trust and respect in society.
Attributes Of Honesty
Here are the attribute of being honest:
1. Respect. This is a polite behaviour towards somebody or something of importance. An honest person is full of respect for himself and people around him. Respect, they say, is reciprocal. Because he is respectful, he too will be respected.
2. Truthfulness: An honest person is a truthful person, because he does not tell lies. He is trusted and respected in the society as a man of integrity and honesty.
3. Integrity: An honest man is a man of integrity, who is trustworthy and deciplined. He is a man of his word, who will hardly deviate from his words.
4. Reliability: An honest person has the attribute of reliability in him, because he is dependent. Once he is involved in a project or work, you can be sure the work will progress.
5. Honest Communication: Honest people are known for their honest communication. Their views and opinions on issues are highly respected.
6. Commitment: An honest man has a sense of commitment to his duty and task. He is always ready to sacrifice his time, energy, talent and treasure to ensure success in his endeavour or life.
7. Courage/Boldness: An honest man is a man of courage and bondness. He will do something desirable despite the risk involved. He is not bothered about what will happen when truth is required of him.
Benefits Of Honesty
There are many benefits of honesty, both to the individual, who is honest and society where he is living. They include the following:
1. Honesty among people will portray and project the group and the country in a positive light. It will bring good name and image to the country, both locally and globally.
2. Honesty among people will lead to economic, social and political advancement as foreign investors will be lured or attracted to invest in a country with honest and good people.
3. It will not give room for injustice and other social vices to thrive as social justice will prevail or reign in society.
4. Fear, bitterness and acrimony will be reduced to the lowest level and society will move forward.
5. He is entrusted with responsibility because he is trustworthy and faithful.
6. An honest man is always respected, honoured and recognized by the society.
Consequences Of Dishonesty
There is always the other side of every coin. There are also negative effect of dishonesty. Absence of honesty is Dishonesty. A dishonest person is of dubious character. Dishonesty among the people is the root cause of some of the social instabilities in society. Some of the consequences of dishonesty are:
1. Punishment: Punishment by law enforcement agents is always the result of every dishonesty exhibited by a person. A dishonest person might hide for sometime but must surely be found out by appropriate law enforcement agent, who will handle hime properly.
2. Cheating: This is one of the negative effects of dishonesty among the people. Some ignorant and less-privileged people will be cheated by these dishonest people in order to make some fast and sharp gains.
3. Examination Malpractice: Examination malpractice is one of the dishonest practices among students in various levels of education. It is a negative value and culture that is not doing our children any good. Some now posses certificates they can hardly defend. Exam malpractice is a punishable offence because the effects on our certificates and image are unbearable.
4. Fradulent Practices: This is a situation where money or any other important property is carefully and cleverly obtained from a person or group of persons without the use of force but through some dishonest means. There is heavy punishment for offenders, and the government through EFCC, is doing everything to combat this menace.
5. Robbery: Robbery can be armed or pen robbery. They are all products of dishonesty and when one i caught in the act, it is always a shameful and disgraceful act or thing. Pen robbery attract jail sentence while armed robbery is death penalty.
6. Kidnapping: This is one of the most wicked and dishonest ways of making fast and smart money by young people. This offence attracts jail sentence or death penalty or both. Kidnapping is an evil against humanity.

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