What Is Honesty? Features, Attributes And Benefits

Table Of Contents
1. What Is Honesty
2. Features Of An Honest Person
3. Attributes Of Honesty
4. Benefits Of Honesty
5. Consequences of Dishonesty
What Is Honesty
Honesty is an intrinsic and positive value that has the quality of being straight forward, reliable, truthful, sincere and godly in human activities. To be honest, means to be responsible, respectable and fearlessly truthful.
An honest person is usually committed to his words and disapproves of corruptive tendencies. He is well regarded, respected and a source of discernible inspiration.
Features Of An Honest Person
An honest person possesses certain features which distinguishes him or her from other members of the public. These include:
I. Being committed to duty, and the task set before him.
ii. Showing uncompromising support for justice and truth.
iii. Being trustworthy. This brings dignity and integrity in human relationships.
iv. living a discipline life which makes him to be reliable and dependable.
v. Being hold and courageous to defend the truth, and strong to condemning permissive living.
vi. Being alert to one’s conscience and to the public.
vii. Being self – assertive and self – reliant.
Attributes Of Honesty
I. Truthfulness:
This is the fact of speaking the truth always. Yes is yes and No is no anywhere, any time.
ii. Godliness:
A godly person is one who has the fear of God in his heart and dealings.
iii. Courage:
This is the ability to do something that one know that it is right and good, even if it van be dangerous and frightening.
iv. Reliability:
An honest person is always relied upon. He can also be trusted.
v. Loyalty:
This is a condition of being loyal. An honest person is always loyal to people he handles or does business with. He also shows loyalty to constitution authorities.
There are other attributes of honest such as respect, integrity, transparency, commitment, civility and service.
Benefits Of Honesty
Honesty has the following benefits to the individual and society.
I. It leads to economic, social and political advancement.
ii. Honesty promotes justice and fair play among individual member of the society.
iii. Honesty removes fear bitterness, acrimony and rancor in the society, political and economic circumstance of life.
iv. Honesty attracts patronage and good work to the individual and society.
v. Honesty has unsolicited defenders, protectors, admirers and lovers.
Other benefit likely to be seen in honesty are social approval, trust, friendliness, respect and Honour, patronage, confidence, admiration, attraction and goodwill.
Consequences Of Dishonesty
Dishonesty among people is the Bane of many societies today. It could manifest in the following:
I. Scientific crimes:
Sociopolitical and economic instabilities antisocial behaviours like cheating, examination malpractices,robbery, kidnapping,child trafficking,over invoicing, etc.
ii. Dishonest tends to create fear, suspicion and disconnected relationship among people in the neighborhood, city, region and country.
iii. Dishonest is a negative value subscribe yo only by dubious and criminally minded people. The glory a people lie in their honesty; hence dishonest fellas are always suspected, avoided and rejected in the circle good people.