Cooperation: Meaning, Attributes,Benefits Of Cooperation And Factors That Promote Cooperation (National Values)

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Meaning Of Cooperation
Attributes Of Cooperation
Factors That Promoe Co-operation
Benefits Of Cooperation
-Peace And Tranquility

National Values Cooperation

Meaning Of Cooperation

Cooperation means working willingly with other people in order to achieve some common goals. There are several things which cannot be achieve by yourself alone. We need the help of others first, as they need our help.

By Cooperation, We mean people working together to achieve those things which cannot attain as individuals.

Attributes Of Cooperation

Here are the attributes of cooperation:


1. Sharing: The virtue of sharing comes from a heart filled with love and warmth. Where there is cooperation among the people, sharing and exchange of information and material things become easy, and a way of life.. Sharing is one of the attributes of cooperation, that promotes good values and attitude in people.


2. Supporting: The ability to support people in difficult times enhances cooperation and promotes friendship and harmony in society.


3. Caring: This means showing love, concern and interest in the affairs of others and the community as a whole. This caring attitude of the individual will lead to his working for the improvement and development of the community.

4. Friendhip: This is the ability to create and maintain cordial relationship and mutual understanding with others. Friendhip leads to cooperation, peace, unity and cordial relationship among the people.

Factors That Promote Cooperation

There are so many factors that promote cooperation in the society and in civic education. They are:

1. Setting Goals Together: A goal is one’s effort or target which the person aims at achieving. In order to achieve the goal, he has to make effort and work with other people. They can now cooperate with one another and achieve that which they desire so much.

2. Common Needs/Problems: When people discover that they have common needs and problems, they will surely cooperate and find solutions to these problems. They will devise means of meeting their needs, thereby working together.

3. Tolerance: Tolerance is the quality which makes us allow people to express their views or do thing in their own way though we may not agree with them. It is an aspect of cooperation, because people’s behaviour does not stop one from working with them in order to achieve a common goal. To cooperate is to tolerate.

4. Mutual Understanding: One is said to show understanding, when one is able to reason with other people and share their views, feelings and values; when one respects and appreciates their diverse opinions on various matters, even though one may have a different view. This factor promotes cooperation very well.

5. Maturity And Discipline: This is another important factor that promotes cooperation among the people. Cooperation requires maturity, self-control, discipline and integrity for all the people/parties involved.

6. Team Spirit: Team spirit is essential for cooperation among the people. When team spirit is in operation, people will cooperate to get to their destination and achieve their common goals.

7. Trust: It is the belief or willingness to believe that one can rely on the goodness, strength, ability of somebody to do something committed to his/her hand to do. This factor promotes cooperation and so should be acquired by all who are working together for a common goal.

Benefits Of Cooperation

So many good things can be done when people work together to achieve a common goal. The result of their cooperation will be beneficial to all of them. Some of the advantages of cooperation include the following:

1. Harmony: This means peaceful agreement and existence. When people cooperate among themselves they will always end up living in peace and harmony. So, cooperation brings about harmony.

2. Progress: Cooperation brings about progress and development in the life of the individual and society at large.

3. Goal/Achievement: Cooperation brings about goal attainment in the society. When people cooperate and work with team spirit, having a common goal, they will work hard, and be committed to that task and within a space of time, they will observe positive change in their society.

4. Peace And Tranquility: When people decide to cooperate with one another in society towards achieving a set of goal, they will always end up living a quiet and peaceful life, devoid of trouble, conflict and rancour. Cooperation ensures peace and harmony in society.

5. Cooperation will also bring about joy, fulfilment and happiness. There will be social justice in society, meaningful living and improved standard of living.

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