Co-operative Societies In Agriculture: Meaning, Objective & Types Of Agricultural Co-operative

Table Of Contents

  • What Is Agricultural Co-operative
  • Objective Of Co-operative
  • Importance Of Co-operative
  • Types Of Agricultural Co-operative.

What Is Agricultural Co-operative?
Agricultural co-operative can be referred to as farmer’s co-operatives. It can also be defined as a co-operatives where farmers gather their resources and services for a mutual economic benefit.
Objective Of Co-operative
(1) To arrange for the trainings of members and employes.
(2) To undertake marketing research and dissemination.
(3) To Undertake inter-state, import and export trade to the benefits of the members and the state.
(4)To provide financial assistance to members.
Importance Of Co-operative
1. They prevent hoarding, inflation, and reflation.
2. They have higher bargaining power.
3. They help to improve the standard of living of members.
4. They can move easily and obtain loans from bank than individual farmer’s.
Types Of Agricultural Co-operative
1) Agricultural Production Co-operative.
2) Suppliers Co-operative.
3) Credit And Thrift Co-operative.
4) Exporters Co-operative.
5) Multi-Purpose Co-operative.
Agricultural co-operative is known as farmers co-operatives. The 5 main types of Agricultural Co-operative are: Agricultural Production Co-operative, Suppliers Co-opertaive, Credit & Thrift Co-operative, Exporters Co-operative And Multi-Purpose Co-operative.

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