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Home Economics Career Opportunities
1. Career In Foods And Nutrition
These careers require higher educations like:
a. Dietetics: A dietician works in hospitals, helping with diets for the treatment and prevention of disease.
b. Nutrition: A nutritionist can work in health, schools, hospital and industries. He/she helps people improve their nutritional habits and status as to keep in good health.
c. Food Service: People in this career can work as catering managers, supervision stewards etc depending on their qualifications they work in hotels, hospitals, schools, airlines etc.
d. Catering: A caterer cooks food for people in boarding schools, hospitals, hotels, office etc.
e. Hotel Management: This involves running a hotel as a business. It is also called institution management.
f. Teaching: Teachers in this area teaches food and nutrients.
g. Research: researchers in this area work on foods and nutrition problems. The discover new ways of planning and cooking foods.
2. Career In Clothing And Textiles
Some of these careers require higher education, others requires special trainings after secondary school. Here are the careers in clothing and textiles:
a. Designing: People in this career create new designs for garments (fashion). There are also designers for fabrics and designers for clothing accessories. They are fashion designers.
b. Pattern Illustration: Pattern illustration develops paper for patterns to sale.
c. Beauty Care And Hair Dressing: Beauticians and hair dressers run salons where they take care of people’s hair and perform other treatment.
d. Dress Making And Tailoring: Dress makers and tailors sew clothes garment for people.
e. Dry Cleaning And Laundering: The dry cleaners and launderers dry clean and launder clothing articles for people.
f. Modelling: A model works in fashion industries. He/she wears newly designed dress styles for people to see and buy.
g. Teaching: Teachers in this area teach clothing and textiles.
3. Career Opportunities In Home Management, Family Living And Child Development
a. Interior Decoration And Designing: People in this area plan and decorate interiors of homes, hotels, hospitals, offices etc.
b. Institutional House Keeping: This involves working in schools, hotels, hospitals and other institutions as house keepers.
c. Baby Sitting: A baby sitter can be employed by parents to care for their children in their absence.
d. Child Care: People in this area work in child care centers. These centres are where parents bring their children for care while they are busy.
e. Teaching: Teachers in this area, teach home management, family living and child development in schools and colleges.
f. Social Welfare Work: People in this career provides help to troubled individuals and families. They require higher education.
Home Economics Career Requirement
1. Senior Secondary School (SSS): Youths can obtain credits or distinctions in any Home Economics subject (foods and nutrition, clothing and textiles or home management) at this level. With such qualifications, people can obtain entry level jobs in home economics related establishment as semi skilled workers attendants.
2. College Of Education: Education in these colleges is usually for three years duration. The Nigeria Certification Of Education (NCE) certificate is awarded at the end of study. These colleges offer home economics.
3. Monotechnic And Polytechnic: The monotechnics focus on only one area of study such as School Of Agriculture. Polytechnics offer many programmes E.g Federal polytechnics. These institutions offer the various home economics subjects.
4. Universities: These offer the followings:
a. 4 year Bachelor Of Science (BSC) in any area of home economics degree.
b. 1-2 years masters degree in any area of home economics.
c. 3-4 years Doctor Of Philosophy (pHD) in any area of home economics.

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