Meaning Of Geography: Brief History, Scope, And It’s Importance

Topic: Meaning, Scope And Importance Of Geography
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  • Brief History Of Geography
  • Meaning And Definition Of Geography
  • Scope Of Geography
  • The Importance Of Geography

Brief History Of Geography
The history of geography includes many geography which have differed over time and between different cultural and political groups. Geography derives from the Greek Yewypayia-geographia, A literal translation of which would be describe and write about the Earth. The first person to use the word “geography” Evatosthenes (276- 196 BC). However, there is evidence for recognisable practices of geography, such as “Cartograph” (or map making) prior to the use of the term geography.
The known world of Ancient Egypt saw the Nile as the Centre, and the world as based upon the riser.
The oldest known world maps date back to ancient Babylon from the 9th Century BC. The best known Babylonian map, however, is the Image Mundi of 600BC. The map as reconstructed by Eckhard Unger shows Babylon on the Euphates, surrounded by a circular Landmon showing Assyria, Urartu, and several cities in turn surrounded by a “bitter river (Dcernus) with seven islands” arranged around is as “Greco-Roman World”. The ancient Greeks saw the poet Homer as the founder of geography. His works the lliad and the odyssey are works of literature but both contain a great deal of geographical information.
Homer describes a circular world ringed by single massive ocean. The works show that Greek by the 8th century BC had considerable knowledge of geography of the eastern mediterean.
Definition Of Geography
Geography, however goes beyond mere description of the Earh. Hence, It is better defined as the study of people, their activities (i.e agriculture and mining), location and physical things within the Earth.
Scope Of Geography
Geography is a social science subject which studies man and his activities within his environment. It’s ideas are real, practical and easy to understand because they are relevant to our everyday life experiences.
Geography has drawn extensively from the results of specialized sciences such as Geology, Biology, Astronomy, Meteorology and Antropology for it’s data. It also cuts across many other disciplines such as Agricultural Science, Government, History, Economics, etc.
The main four sub-divisions of geography are:

  1. Mathematical Geography
  2. Physical Geography
  3. Biogeography
  4. Human Geography

The Importance Of Geography
1. Geography helps to study the way of life of other people.
2. It enables one to study and understand the physical environment around us.
3. Geography helps one identify the importance of the physical features around us.
4. The study of geography broadens one’s knowledge about other fields of study.
5. To choose a professional career.
6. Geography aids in international trades.
7. It aids international relationships.

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