Agriculture: Meaning And Importance Of Agriculture (Definition Of Agricultural Science, Importance Of Agric Science To Individuals, Community And Nation)

Meaning And Importance Of Agriculture

The term Agricultural Science is derived from the two Latin words “Ager” meaning Field and “Cultura” meaning Cultivation. This means field cultivation.

So What Is Agriculture?

Agriculture Simply means the arts and science (Management) that deals with the cultivation of crops and the rearing of animals for man’s use.

Importance Of Agriculture

The importance of Agriculture can be ground into three major categories:

A) Farmers And Individuals

Importance Of Agriculture To Farmers/Individuals Are:

i. Provision of materials for clothing.

ii. Provision of food.

iii. Provision of material for shelter.

iv. Employment for the working population.

v. Generation of income for farmers.

B) To Community And Society

Importance Of Agriculture To Community And Society Are:

i. Development of towns.

ii. Provision of facilities for recreation and tourism.

C) To The Nation

Importance Of Agriculture To The Nation Are:

i. Source of foreign exchange earnings.

ii. Provision of markets for industrial goods.

iii. Generation of revenue.

iv. Provision of raw materials for industries.

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