Agricultural Development: Problems Of Agricultural Development And Possible Solutions

On this Article, We will lists out the problems of Agricultural Development and the solutions to identified problems.
Some of the problems of Agricultural development are as follows:
1. Inadequate land or land tenure system.
2. Inadequate finance or credit facilities.
3. Poor transport Network.
4. Inadequate storage and processing facilities.
5. Inadequate farm input.
6. Inadequate basic amenities.
7. Poor marketing system.
8. Inadequate Agricultural education and extension.
9. Problems of pests and diseases.
10. Unpredictable Climate.
11. Inadequate tools and machinery.
12. Inconsistent government policies on Agriculture.
13. Environmental degradation.
14. Rural-Urban migration.
Solution To The Problems Of Agricultural Development
1) Provision of good roads, hospitals, electricity, good pipe borne water and cinema houses will discourage rural-urban migration.
2) Farmers should form co-operative society to grant loan and subsidies to members.
3) Banks should be more liberal in some of the terns for the granting of loans. Loans should also be monitored by banks so as to prevent diversion into unproductive sector.
4) Construction of good roads, provision of vehicles and the establishment of good and functioning communication network.
5) Storage and processing facilities like cribs, barns, shelter, millers, graters etc should be provided to farmers.
6) Farmers should be trained by the extension agents on the most recent Agricultural technology.
7) Organization of mass literacy programmes, workshops, Seminars for farmers to upgrade to upgrade their knowledge.
8) The training and funding of the extension programmes by government, co-operative societies and financial institutions.
9) Farm input like fertilizers, improved seeds, chemicals etc should be provided at the right time and at subsidized rate to the farmers.
10) There should be continuity of Government programmes, for example, new regimes should adhere strictly to existing good Agricultural policies and not evolve policies that are almost impractical.
11) Establishment of good and functioning marketing channels so as to discourage the activities of middlemen.
12) The government should make agriculture more attractive to young people by giving them necessary inputs like land and the materials for farming.
13) The strict adherence to the land use decree of 1978 as amended in 1990 Act. This can make land available to prospect and genuine farmers.
14) Development of good irrigation and drainage system.

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