40+ Best Agricultural Business Ideas: Invest In Agriculture And Start A Business In Agriculture Sector

Do you want to start a business in the Agricultural sector?

Are you looking for Agriculture ideas to invest in? If your answer is YES, Then on this article you will see the list of 40+ best Agricultural Ideas to startup a business.

Agriculture involves the rearing of livestock and growing plants. It can be for family need, for food or for markets demands. Agriculture falls on different categories like Crop Or Plant farming, Livestock Or Animal Rearing, Agro-allied and Agro-processing industry.

Agriculture will always be a profitable venture as long as it is the major sector in the world. Invest and start a business in Agriculture today.

40+ Best Agricultural Business Ideas

We have analyzed 40+ hot agricultural ideas guaranteed to make profits:

1. Poultry Farming

Poultry products is always on demand, so of you are planning on starting a poultry farm just note that the market demand is widely open.

You have to consider the requirement and make research on what is needed to be a successful poultry farmer. Poultry farming have so many niche under it like the followings:

– Chicken Farming
– Turkey Rearing
– Quail Farming
– Duck Rearing
– Egg Production
– Guinea Fowl Farming etc

So it is very important to choose your niche and do your market research.

2. Cucumber Farming

Cucumber farming is one of the profitable agribusiness idea for entrepreneurs. Cucumbers are consumed worldwide and it demand is high and as well sells very fast in market. Give cucumber farming a try and you will confirm it is indeed a profitable venture.

3. Pig Farming

This type of farming involves rearing pigs for commercial use. Pig farming is very lucrative because of it high reproduction, One pig can give birth to 13 and above piglets and Morever, they mature very fast.

It is expected that every beginner should have business plan& patience as it takes about 8 to 12 months for a pig to attain a good market size.

4. Plantain Farming

Plantain farming as an agricultural idea should be considered as an investment. It is not a get rich quick business but it strategy can create a millionaire in just few years. It is very easy to start and easy to manage. It is very necessary to conduct research before setting up a plantain farm.

A good research gives you idea and knowledge on how to be a successful plantain farmer and a strategy to follow in other to have a good plantain plantation.

5. Goat Farming

Goat farming business is a profitable livestock farming business, And in the world today, Goat meat is in high demand and it is recorded to be one of the best meat in Africa.

You can startup a goat farm on small scale, medium scale or large scale. It is very important to make a proper business plan before getting started.

6. Mushroom Farming

This is another agricultural idea that is very lucrative, Cultivating mushrooms can be a source of income to the farmers. Before growing mushroom, you should first of all have the knowledge about the different kinds of mushrooms and identifying the ones that are being grown,

After that, the next plan is to invest on mushroom farming.

7. Grasscutter Farming

Although grasscutter farming is not that popular to compare with other livestock farming, But some countries like Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana it is very lucrative, In fact it is one of the cheapest farming business.

8. Watermelon Farming

Have you ever considered watermelon farming as an option? Have you ever asked yourself the profitability of watermelon farming? Yes, Watermelon farming is a profitable agricultural business idea with a high return on investment. This business should be taken serious.

9. Fish Farming

Restaurants & hotels are in demand for fishes, Market & individuals also need fish on daily basis, And according to Tipstago Team Research shows that fish sells very fast than other livestock meat. Also consider starting a fish farm because it is very lucrative.

10. Rice Farming

Rice is known to be among the top 5 crops in the world: Rice farming is one of the best agricultural idea that is widely accepted & cultivated, it has lots of benefits to it’s farmers and to the society as it is also contributing to the GDP of many country’s. You should consider the following when starting a rice farm: Capital, Business plan, Marketing strategy and Getting the required knowledge before getting started.

11. Rabbit Farming

Rabbit farming business can be a lucrative business to those that have knowledge in livestock farming. Rabbit farming is an agribusiness that requires little capital (i.e It is not capital intensive). Therefore, it requires having knowledge on how to raise them.

12. Tomato Farming

Tomato farming is also a growing sector of agriculture as it is one of the top consumable fruits that are very high in demand. So starting a tomato farming business is a lucrative venture to begin with.

13. Snail Farming

Snail farming is considered to be one of the risk free agricultural venture, and it requires a little startup capital depending on the scale. It is capable of giving profits within a year of starting the business.

14. Sweet Potato Farming

The demand for sweet potato is increasing on a daily basis thereby providing space for entrepreneurs and investors.

15. Cattle Farming

There are lot of money to be made from rearing cattles, For example; You can make money from it meat production, milk production, hooves and other production activities under cattle rearing.

16. Greenhouse Farmings

Greenhouse farming involves the management and growing of vegetable crops in a protected environment known as greenhouse. Greenhouse farming is very lucrative and it popularity will be creating future millionaires, that is why entrepreneurs should seize this opportunity now.

17. Cassava Flour Production

The cassava flour is used in making bread and it is also in high demand by baking enterpries. Cassava flour production is also another agricultural business idea which investors and entrepreneurs should consider.

18. Vegetable Farming

Vegetable farming is thought to be a poor man’s business, But that’s an error!, Vegetable farming is very profitable and capable of pulling profits in short time.

Vegetable farming is one of the easiest agribusiness to engage in. There are different types of vegetable to choose from like: Pumpkin, cabbage, cucumber, jute leaf etc.

19. Catfish Farming

If you are interested in any agribusiness, Catfish farming might be considered as well. Make necessary preparation before getting started.

20. Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Business

Palm kernel oil extraction business is one of the lucrative agribusiness idea with great return on investment. This business needs a good strateic planning, good business plan and good marketing strategy.

21. Groundnut Oil Production

This involves producing edible cooking oil from groundnut. Groundnut oil business is very profitable; thereby anyone looking for ideas in agricultural production should consider groundnut oil production business.

22. Plantain Flour Mill

Plantain flour is a popular food in demand both in local and international market. You will need capital, business plan and equipment like drying machine, slicing or chipping machine, packaging machine and milling machine to get started.

23. Pawpaw Farming

Pawpaw business don’t require much capital to get started. The consumption rate is high thereby generating money for pawpaw farmers.

24. Walnut Farming

Although this agribusiness is not taken serious but it is still lucrative. Walnut farming business should be considered as a long term investment business as it takes lots of time to reach it maturity.

25. Pepper Farming

Pepper is known as a spicy vegetable which are consumed all over the world. There are still more opportunities in this agricultural idea for people to go into.

26. Yam Production

There is huge profit in yam farming business and yam is one of the most consumed staple food in the world, most especially Africa. Yam production is another area agribusiness minded individuals should take a look at.

27. Cocoa Farming

Cocoa production is among the top agribusiness investment opportunities for investors. Cocoa is one of the fastest selling agricultural product in the market.

There are lot of people who are making it and you can be among them and own a cocoa farm.

28. Pineapple Farming

The fruit pineapple ranks among the top 5 consumed fruits in the world and are being used in production of different fruit juice & ingredients. Kenya, India, Nigeria, China, Mexico, etc are the top producers of pineapples. Setting up a pineapple farm is not a difficult task But it requires total commitment to be a successful pineapple farmer.

29. Animal Feed Production

This involves the production of livestock or poultry feeds with agricultural raw materials and supply them to the wholesaler or retailer, or even to the consumers as well. Be a producer of livestock feed and make money.

30. Banana Farming

Banana is always high in demand and the rate at which bananas are being consumed should give any entrepreneur or investors the idea that running a banana farm can be profitable.

31. Onions Farming

Onions farming is capable of generating income on daily basis if managed well. You can either engage in growing onions or you engage in buying onions directly from the farm and selling them in other to make profits.

32. Apple Farming

You can plant variety of different apples and harvest them to sell at it due time. Be among the apple farmers that will be generating income through their apple farm.

33. Palm Oil Processing

This is a high profitable agribusiness that should be considered. Millions of tonnes of palm oil is being processed on a daily basic. No matter how expensive palm oil processing business can be on it startup, It will always be a great agribusiness idea with high return on investment.

34. Sheep Farming

There have been an experience of sudden boom on sheep farming in the world, mostly Nigeria, Ghana & Kenya. The potential profit on this animal production is so huge. People should consider this business as well.

35. Carrot Farming

When starting a carrot farm you should have a business plan and the business plan must entail the tools, cost and the best seeds depending on your location. Carrot farming is one of the profitable venture anyone can do.

36. Honey Bees Farming

When mentioning this idea, what mostly comes to the peoples mind is the bees stings. This does not mean that bees farming is not lucrative, In fact some people are really building a successful honey bees farming business and you can also make it too.

37. Sugarcane Farming

Nigeria and South Africa are examples of the largest consumer of sugarcane in Africa and this sugarcane farming business can thrive in the two African countries (Nigeria And South Africa). Moreover, it requires a low capital investment.

38. Cashew Farming

You may not know the profitability of this business until you engage in it. It is a money making farming business.

39. Peacock Farming

Peacock farming may not be that popular but it is a profitable agribusiness investment that you can embark on.

40. Egg Production

This is connected to layer poultry farming which involves rearing layers for the purpose of egg production. Egg production business is fast yielding profit, not only that but it is an agricultural business one can rely on.

41. Soybeans Farming

Soybeans is among the world most consumed food crops. Start growing soybeans, It takes a period of 4 to 5 months to reach it maturity, Harvest and sell to interested buyers. You can as well start exporting soybeans and make money.

42. Soyabeans Farming

Soyabeans is another aspect of agribusiness that is globally demanded. Soyabeans are edible legumes rich in calcium, fiber, iron, magnesieum etc. Invest and start a soyabeans farming today and make profits.

43. Oyster Farming

Oyster farming is a type of mushroom farming thriving at the moment. If you understand how this business works, you can make a fortune through it. This business is suitable for investors, entrepreneurs and anyone, irrespective of your qualification.

44. Crayfish Farming

Crayfish farming is a viable business that will always be lucrative. Start a crayfish business today and start supplying to markets, hotels, restaurants, fast food, road side vendors and as well online.

Choose any of the ideas, Invest And Start A Business In Agriculture.