Wise Buying Practice

Steps To Wise Buying Practice:
1. Make adequate market survey: This will help to identify different markets where foodstuffs are cheaper.
2. Prepare a good shopping list of items to be purchased.
3. Ensure that there are adequate storage facilities for the foodstuffs to be purchased.
4. Buy foods that are in season.
5. Buy good quality food stuffs; ensure that the foodstuffs are fresh and of good value. For Instance, fruits and vegetable should be firm, proper colour, absence of bruises and breakages in the skin.
6. Check the scales, cup, bowls used for measurement to prevent you from being cheated.
7. When buying canned, tinned , packaged or bottled foods, look out for expiry date , nutritive content and volume.
8. Make bulk purchases whenever possible.
9. Buy vegetables and fruits only when they are needed, to avoid wastage.
10. Shop Early To be able to get fresh food items, particularly the perishable ones.
11. Buy where food stuff is best and cheapest.
12. Buy non-perishable foods in bulk and store properly.
13. Share bulk buying project with neighbours and friends whenever possible.
14. Buy Perishable foodstuffs, such as meat and vegetables in the morning in the open market.
15. Avoid waste by purchasing just the foods which the family will eat; especially where there are no storage facilities.

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