Fascism: Meaning, Definition And Features

Table Of Contents
1. Definition Of Fascism
2. Features Of Fascism
Definition And Explanation
Fascism is defined as a form of government headed by a dictator in which government has total control of over all activities in the state and personal liberties are denied from people. E.g Italy under Benito Mussolini.
Features Of Fascism
1. Supremacy Of The Leader: He has all powers of the state – Legislative, Judiciary and Executive powers.
2. Autocratic Tendency: The government has total control over all aspect of citizens life.
3. Limited Political Participation: It is limited to few elite group.
4. Repression Of Political Opposition: No political oppositions is allowed or tolerated.
5. Superiority Of The State: The state is superior to the individuals.
6. Government owns and controls the mass media as a means of propaganda.
7. Imperial Tendency: It is a form of territorial expansion and denomination of other nations.
8. Refusal to submit to international conventions.
9. The state economy is highly centralised.