What Is Fascism? Definition, Meaning And Features

Meaning Of Fascism
Fascism is a way of ruling, that advocates total control of the people.
Fascism comes from the latin word “fascio” meaning bundle or political group. In fascism, the people are looked at as a bundle-one body that must be controlled by the government with absolute force. In 1999, Benito Mussolini founded the theory of fascism via his political party which is (National Fascist Party) two years after.
It may also be defined as the principle and organization of aggressive nationalist (i.e nation building) and communist dictatorship. It rejects both capitalism and socialism and discourages peace, democracy, rule of law etc. But glorifies war.
Features/Characteristics Of Fascism
1. Supremacy Of The Leader: He has all the powers of the state (Legislative, Executive and Judiciary Powers).
2. The government has total control over all aspect of the citizens life. E.g education and religion.
3. No political opposition is allowed or tolerated.
4. The state is superior to individuals, In fact the individual can be killed in the pursuance of the state goal.
5. Government owns and controls the mass media as a means of propaganda.
6. Refusal to submit to international convention and laws.
7. The state economy is highly centralized and in the hands of the government.
8. There is only one political party.
9. The philosophy rejects the principle of rule of law.
10. It glorifies for war which according to fascists will eventually lead to peace.
11. It encourages aggressive nationalism.
12. Political participation is limited to a few elite.
13. It denounces democracy and rejects popular view.

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