Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Dry Cleaning Business In Nigeria

Are you thinking of starting a dry cleaning business in Nigeria. If yes, then this article was published to give you the detailed guide on how to start a dry cleaning business together with the needed requirements and equipments to run this business successfully.

Dry cleaning business is a profitable business one can start in Nigeria, and you will need a good business plan and a good marketing strategy to make it out for you.

Dry cleaning business often known as a Laundry business has lot of potentials, and it involves washing, drying and ironing clothes and other clothing materials for individuals or companies. It is a low risk business anyone can indulge in and make lot of profit.

You can decide to run your dry cleaning business part time or fun time.

How To Start A Dry Cleaning Business In Nigeria

You can follow the below steps to start a dry cleaning business in Nigeria:

1. Develop A Good Business Plan For Your Dry Cleaning Business:

Create a sustainable plan for your dry cleaning business and how you are planning to run your services. The plans will help you have a sense of reasoning on the required details to follow for your new business. State how you are going to run your dry cleaning services, your cash flows and marketing strategies.

A good business plan is essential in explaining and covering people on the advantages of your new dry cleaning business. It is also essential for getting grant, small business loans and even attracting serious investors to invest in your business.

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2. Choose A Good Location:

Your dry cleaning business needs a space to start operating, it will be very important to find locations on residential areas if you are planning tyo start a dry cleaning business.

You should know the pros and cons to each location, so search carefully before making a decision. When searching for a location, consider places that can accomodate your size of business together with the equipments.

Having a large space will allow your customers to feel comfortable at your shop. Having a spacious place can also be beneficial as it allows you to have a big billboard showcasing. The name of your dry cleaning business with the services you offer.

Your dry cleaning should be accessible, were people can convenently come and go out easily.

3. Choose A Good Name And Register:

Choose a name that sounds professional. Make sure your choice of name is very unique and does not conflict with any other business.

This is very important to take note, so that when people search your name, your dry cleaning business name will pup up immediately, create a site with the choosen name, also design a logo bearing your dry cleaning name. This will be important during promotional activities.

Now you will need to register your dry cleaning business with the corperate Affairs commission (CAC).

Ensure to get the necessary license or business permit in order to start operating as a dry cleaning business in your state. Contact your local government to get imformations, or approach other dry cleaners to know how to get about it.

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4. Purchase The Equipment Needed To Start A Dry Cleaning Business:

You can’t run a dry cleaning Business without having the rightful equipments. The following are some of the materials and equipment needed to start a dry cleaning business: Laundry detergent, Washing machines, Washing basins, Ironing table, Garment conveyor, Startch, Water, Standby generator, Nylon and tags, Shelves, Dryers, Streamer, Hangers, Spray/Deoderant, Bleach and Stain removers, etc.

Make sure you purchase the right equipment to take your business and customer base running. You may need a delivery van (optional), but this has the potential of maximizing your profits, as you are running a home delivery services.

In case you later purchase a delivery van, consider having your logo and dry cleaning name printed on your vehicle.

5. Employ Staff:

Your dry cleaning business may need staff depending on the size of your business. Make sure you know the process involve in having trusted and reliable staffs.

6. Set Up Your Price:

You should take into consideration the cost of labor, materials and overhead, annd determine how much to charge for your services and simultaneously making a profit.

Conduct a market research to determine what other dry cleaners charge for their services. You are free to negotiate prices with your new customers, but be sure to be on the right track before you start losing your profits.

In addition, you need to be optimal in setting up an accounting system. Keep store records of your dry cleaning business, this helps in keeping tracks of all your transactions, both income, expenses, loss and profits. You consider having an accountant depending on the scale of business.

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7. Promote Your Dry Cleaning Business:

You will want to reach out to potential customers to build a large customer base, well, you can only achieve that through your marketing strategy. Here are some of the successful ways to promote your dry cleaning business:

i. Putting a sign post outside your dry cleaning shop.

ii. Doing your home delivery service.

iii. Using the power of social media to reach out to prospective customers.

iv. Advertising through newspapers, magazines and ever printing flyers.

v. And most importantly, you need to be trustworthy, work with dignity and satisfy your customers and they will attract more clients to your dry cleaning shop.

Cost Of Starting A Dry Cleaning Business In Nigeria

Based on the steps and guidelines about starting a dry cleaning business, what was discussed above. You can estimate the cost of opening a dry cleaning business by calculating the equipments needed, business registration, shop rent, staff salaries, marketing budget anvd most especially the size of the business.

You should budget around $5000 to $50,000 on a small scale, $100,000 and above for large scale dry cleaning business.

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