Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Goat Farm In Nigeria

Rearing goats in Nigeria can be a lucrative way of making money through farming in Nigeria.

Goat farming in Nigeria is indeed a lucrative business, because you can make money from the meat, milk and hides. Despite the level of it profitability, people don’t often consider it as a lucrative business.

Goat farming business involves the rearing of goat for commercial purpose. The important aspect of this business is that it product is consumed by most Nigerians.

Setting up a goat farm is not that easy, as it requires lots of skills and good plans to have it established. On this article, you will discover great reasons to start a goat farm in Nigeria.

Starting A Goat Farm In Nigeria

Here are step by step guide on how to start a goat farm in Nigeria both small scales and commercially.

1. Find A Good Space:

Some areas might not permit goat rearing, thereby find a good space suitable for goat farming, and have in mind that goats require planty of space, so when finding a space (location) also consider that.

Build shelters for your goat, start by facing your goat farm, five fact finces or even higher are recommended brcause the goats might escape at anything lower than that.

The goats will also need shed to secure themselves when there is rain or much sunlight. Create an enclsed comfortable shelters for your goat.

2. Buy Goats:

Decide on how goats you will need for a start. There are three major types of goats used for rearing, namely: Does (female, Bucks (uncrastrated males, And wethers (uncrastrated males).

Before a doe produces milk, it need to be impregnated by a buck, and raising a buck requires lots of time and attention. Now that you have known the types of dels, you need to decide to buy the does and buck on a specified number of your budget.

When buying goods for breeding, you should know their age, and some of the best goat for farning in Nigeria: Nigerian dwarf, maradi, pygmy, Boer, Saanen, Nubians etc. They are very suitable for goat farming. Know the ones suitable for milk production and ones suitable for meat production.

If you want your goat (The does) to start producing milk and kids, you will need to breed them with a buck ones on the reach the required age.

3. Buy The Equipment Needed To Start A Goat Farm:

There are some basic equipment needed to rear goats. You will need feeding equipments such as feed bowls for water and grains, lay feeders, mineral feeders, a milk stand or stanehion, boots, gloves, wheel barraw, pitichfork, Holf tummer,thermometer, Heat lamps, etc. Just make sure that the neccessary equipments are all in place.

4. Feed Your Goat Adequately:

Feeding your goats properly is one of the requirements to consider when caring for your goats. First you start by providing fresh water for your goat at all time. Use the feed bowls for water to give them water. A mix of weeds, grasses, nettles, brambles and thirstle will serve best for your goat. They need plenty vegetation to greeze.

Remove poisonous plants away from your goat farm, remember that goat may want to eat any plant they come across, so ensure that, there are no poisonous plants in your farm.

5. Consulting Your Veterinary:

First, you have to be able to identify the signs of illness in goats, and sorting it out as soon as possible.

Before you can be able to identify sick goats you must know their health characteristics first, they once you notice any behavioural changes. Some of the common symptoms of a sick goat are: diarrhear,coughing, grinding teeth, crusty eyes, not eating or drinking, pale eyelids, etc.

Your goat also need tetanus and enterotoxemic vaccinations. All that matters, is keeping your goat farm clean, and handling your goat with care.

6. Marketing Your Goat:

No matter how good your goat meat or milk might be, it will be very important to come up with a good marketing strategy in order to make money selling your goats. You will need to find a market to purchase them.

On a small scale, it may be very easy to market them to individuals in your area. Irrespective of that, you need to develop a large market. You can decide to sell directly to butchers, or supplying to big resturants.

Cost Of Starting A Goat Farm In Nigeria

Now that you have gotten the information on low to start a goat farm in Nigeria, your next focus will now be the cost of starting a goat farm.

Goat farming is one of the best agricultural businesses that guarantees profit, but setting up a goat farm might not come cheap.

However, you can estimate the capital needed to start a goat farm by considering the cost of construction, land, feeding, number of goat to buy, the size of the goat farm and other neccessary requirements that will need capital.

An avarage cost of starting a goat farm in Nigeria range from $500 to $25,000.