Meaning And Definition Of Political Participation And Forms

Table Of Contents

  • Meaning Of Political Participation
  • Forms Of Political Participation/ Ways By Which Citizens Participate In Politics.
  • The Purpose Of Political Participation.

Meaning Of Political Participation
Political participation may be defined as the process of voluuntary invlovement of the people in the political activities of their country. By that, we mean, when peopole take part in choosimg their rulers and also involves in decision making in the government of the country.
Forms Of Political Participation/ Ways By Which Citizens Participate In Poliics
Political participation may take the form of active participation in which the participants are known as political activists or partial participation or the participants may take obseratory posture in which they are known as political passivists or they are apolitical. These different forms may take the following ways:
1. Belonging To Political Parties: This is an active political participation in which activists come together to form political parties. Members of these parties who take active part participate in electioneering campaigns, political rallies and other forms of political meetings.
2. Contesting Elections: Some active political participants stand as candidates seeking elective public offices on the platform of political parties or as private candidates if th constittioin allows it.
3. Sponsoring Of Political Parties: Sponsoring Political Parties financially is another form of political participation. Some wealthy citizens sponsor political parties as their own way of political participation.
4. Holding Of Public Offices: Another form of political particcipation is by holding publixc office either elective or non-elective. This public office allows the holder to contribute in decision making.
5. As A Voter: Voting in an election gives one an opportunity to partticipate in the election of people’s representatives in government.
6. Polling Agents: By acting as party representative at the polling station, a person is directly invloved in the political activities of his country.
7. Partial Participation: One can take part in political activities not actively but partially by attending political rallies and writing of political articles on the pages of newspapers.
8. Observatory Postures: There are those whose type of politiciapation take the form of mere observation of political events. These type of people do not identify with any of the political parties but take part in listening to radio and television political parties but take part in listening to radio and television political discussions and debates.
The Purpose Of Political Participation
The purposes or reasons why people take part in political activities which range from political to economic, social and psychological values include the following:
1. As A Political Animal: According to Aristotle the famous Greek philosopher, man by nature is a political animal. Man therefore, takes part in political activities in order to satisfy the instinct in him as a political animal.
2. To Take Part In Decision Making: Many people participate in political activities with the main aim of taking part in decision making in their country. Such people may feel disenchanted with the performance of those at the corridors of power.
3. To Right The Wrong Of Those In Power: Some people desire participation in politics in order to correct atrocious activities of those in power.
4. For Equitable Distribution Of Resources: If the resources of a country are inequitably distributed, many people may be forced to take part in politics in order to equitably distribute such resources.
5. For Economic And Material Gains: Many people take part in political activities because of the desire to acquire economic and material gains. It is this group of people who think that politics is the shortest route to wealth that corruptly enrich themselves once they hold political office.
6. The Need For Self- Actualization: There are those who have made it in order fields of human endeavour seek participation in politics as self-fulfilment.
7.As A Status Symbol: Some other people desire political office in order to increase their self image. This group of people are not after thr material and economic gains of political office but as a status symbol.
8. Desire For Friendship: There are those whose main reason for participation in politics as a vehicle that foster bnond of friendship and love among people of identicasl minds and reasoning.