Meaning And Definition Of political Apathy (Factors That Cause Political Apathy)

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  • Meaning Of Political Apathy
  • Factors That Cause political Apathy
  • Ways by which political participation can be Enhanced and political Apathy Discourage

Meaning Of Political Apathy
Political apathy may be define as the degree to which citizens show no interest in the political activities of the country. Political apathy is direct opposite of political participation. While some citizens are actively engaged in political activities, other without such political interest see politics as a non issue not worthy of expending their energies. These people who show no interest in political activities are said to be apolitical or are called political passivists.
Factors That Cause Political Apathy
1. Illiteracy: Illiterate people feel that  since they cannot read and write. There is no need for them to involve in politics. Many of them, since they do not understand the intricacies of politics, think that politics is only for the literate citizens.
2. The Nature  Of  Politics Played: In a country where politics is played with acrimony and vindictiveness. Many citizens will shy away from it. It is in such countries that politics is called a dirty game.
3. Sexual Discrimination: Discrimination based on sex has contributed to political apathy.
Many women have shown no interest in political activities because they are discriminated against to the extent that there is a limit to the posts they can hold and sometimes in some countries they are not allowed to vote and be voted for.
4. Racial or tribal Segregation: In some countries, the extent of one’s participations in politics depends mainly  on the person’s racial or tribal origin. In such countries like south Africa where blacks are allowed limited participation in politics, they therefore development political apathy.
5. Religious Constraints: Some women among the moslem groups are kept in purdah and as a result are not allowed to take active part in public activities including politics. Such women are therefore forced by religious constraints to develop political apathy.
6. The Type Of Party System Adopted: Some people develop political apathy as a result of the type of party system adopted in their country. In countries where the authoritarian one party system is  adopted with dictatorial leaders, citizens are force to develop political apathy.
Ways By Which Political  Participate Can Be Enhanced And Political Apathy Discouraged
1. Multi-Party System: For Political Participation to be enhanced and political apathy discourage, there must be provision in the constitution allowing for the establishment of many political parties. This will increase the political education of the citizens and widen their choice of political programmes and manifestoes.
2. Universal Adult Suffrage: If all adult men and women who are not disqualified for one reason or the other are allowed to take part in politics, it will enhance political participation.
3. Equal Political Opportunity: Political participation can also be enhanced if all sections of a country are given equal political opportunity. That means everybody no matter the state or tribe the person comes from can aspire for any political office in the country.
4. Adequate Political Education: If the citizens are adequately educated politically, it will enhance political participation and discourage political apathy. Such political education will tend to enlighten the Citizen on their political rights.
5. Rule Of Law: If a country is governed by the rule of law and not by the rule of men and all citizens are equal in the eyes of the law, political participation will be enhanced and many people will not be apolitical.
6. Independent Judiciary: An independent judiciary will be fearless to protect the political rights of the citizens and also check the excesses of  government officials with dictatorial propensities.
7. Recognition Of Opposition: Political participation will also be enhanced and political apathy discouraged if both official and unofficial oppositions are accorded recognition. Such opposition will act as watchdog to the activities of the government.

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