Industrial Occupation In Commerce: Meaning And Types Of Industrial Occupation With Examples

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  • Meaning Of Industrial Occupation (Industry)
  • Types Of Industrial Occupation

Industry (Industrial Occupation)
This involves all the activities concerned with the physical production of goods. They engage in extracting raw materials from sea, soil and changing them into finished components, Also the gather of all these components into use-able forms.
Types Of Industrial Occupation
1. Extractive Occupation: They engage in obtaining raw materials and natural resources from the soil or sea. These include farming, fishing, mining, fore story and hunting. This is concerned with making available raw materials and natural products from the land or sea. These are examples of products of extractive occupation: Cotton, iron ore, cocoa, timber, limestone etc. This is also known as Primary Stage Of Production.
2. Manufacturing Occupation: This is concerned with the activities of those who engage in processing and turning raw industry into finished products. The raw material or natural resources are transferred into finished product after going through different processes to add value, and utility, These include Food processing, textile, plastic making etc.
3. Constructive Occupation: This is concerned with all activities of those which engage in assembling of goods manufactured into use-able form. They engage in constructing road, bridges, e.t.c.

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